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A: What do you want to eat ?
B:I want …… A: And to drink? B:I want to drink……

duck- ducks

今天我们要通过学习将来时,来 学习本课的内容,大家还知道将来 时的句型吗?

基本结构:人或物 + ① be going to 人或物 + ② will + 动作短语;

eg: I’m going to go to school. We will play football.

be going to +动词原形
用来表示按计划或要发生的动作,有“准备;打算”的 意思。 动词be(am is are)要随着句中主语人称和数的变化 而变化。 1.I am going to watch TV。 2.We are going to have a picnic. 3.It is going to rain. 4.Lingling and Daming are going to walk around

the lake.

What are they doing?

They are having a“picnic”

picnic 野餐

read books play basketball

go shopping

watch TV go swimming

clean the room

play football go to school

fly a kite

have a party play computer games

A: What are you going to do? B: I am going to…


A: What are you going to do?

B: I’m going to have a picnic .

--What time is it? --It’s half past three.


half past five

What time is it ?

half past nine

half past two

half past seven

three o’clock

Guess: What’s this?
basketball six o’clock.


I am going to play basketball at six o’clock.

I’m going to read a book at half past seven .

I’m going to watch TV

at six .

I’m going to go swimming at five.

I’m going to have a party at half past eight.

When are we going to go to school?
At half past six.

Look at the pictures and make conversations.



go to school

play football

go home

go to bed

Let’s relax

She is going to watch TV .

They are going to play football .

He is going to go swimming .

She is going to read a book


Listen to the tape and choose:

B )1.When are they going to eat?
A. At twelve. B. At half past twelve. C. At half past eleven.


A. It’s twelve.

A )2.What time is it?

B. It’s ten .

C. It’s eight.

C )3.What are they going to do?
A. Play foot ball. B. Fly kites . C. Walk around the lake.

What is going to happen?
It is going to rain.

Look !
It’s going to rain soon.

? ? ? ? ? ?

have a picnic in the park at half past twelve walk around the lake a beautiful day very noisy

在公园 在十二点半 围着湖走 美好的一天 非常吵

Learn to say with "When are we going to..."

A: When are we going A: When are we going to go to the park? to go to school? B: We are going to go B:W e are going to go to school at eight. at eleven.

A: When are we going to go home? B: W e are going to go home at half past four.

A: When are we going to have a party? B:We are going to have a party at half past six.

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