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6A Unit 5-6 复习课


Children’s song:
Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.
Happy New Year to you all. We are singing. We are dancing. Happy New Year to you all.

It is a big holiday in China.It’s in a beautiful season(季节). The weather(天气)is cold .

We eat a lot of delicious food and visit our relatives and friends. It’s in January or Ferbruary.



Children’sDay Dragon Boat Festival

National Day


May Day



What did you do last …? I … last …favourite holiday? What’s your What else did you do? My I …favourite holiday is … Did you … last … ? Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.

Spring Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival


Chinese holidays

May Day



Halloween Women’s Day Children’s Day

International (国际的)holidays

Dragon Boat Festival

Match and say Holidays
Christmas Teachers’ Day Spring Festival New Year’s Day Halloween

On the 1st of Jan On the 31st of Oct In December On the 10th of Sep In Jan or Feb

Dress up in costumes Set off fireworks Get some presents Go to parks Make cards for teachers

collect eggs

water flowers

milk cows

pull up carrots

pick oranges

taste oranges

cook food

What did you do…? I… What else did you do…? I…

A: What did you do on Sunday? B: I watched a cartoon. A: What else did you do? B: I visited a zoo.

A: What did you do on Monday? B: I planted trees. A: What else did you do? B: I pulled up carrots.

A: What did you do on Tuesday? B: I collected eggs. A: What else did you do? B: I picked up oranges.

A: What did you do on Wednesday? B: I watched a film. A: What else did you do? B: I listened to music.

A: What did you do on Thursday? B: I played football. A: What else did you do? B: I milked cows.

A: What did you do on Friday? B: I played volleyball. A: What else did you do? B: I cleaned the house.

用法:过去时间发生的或过去经常性的动作 常用时间状语:yesterday,last night,two days ago 等引导的含过去时的句子。 动词构成:
一般情况下加ed。 例如:played;cleaned… 以不发音字母e结尾的加d。 例如:lived;hoped… 以辅音字母y结尾的变y为i再加ed。 例如:tried;studied… 不规则的动词过去式。

否定构成:didn’t+动原 didn’t work 一般疑问构成:Did+主语+动原+其它?

说出下列动词的过去式 do — did go — went am — was are — were has — had see — saw get — got

say — said eat — ate make — made give — gave meet — met

根据所给单词的适当形式填空 visited ( visit ) his friend last weekend. 1. He ______ had ( have ) dinner at 7:45 yesterday evening. 2. They ____ 3. Nancy _____ lived ( live ) in Beijing three years ago. 4. My wallet ____ was ( be ) on the desk this morning. were ( be ) in the playground two days ago. 5. The tr

ees _____ talking ( talk ) about holidays. 6. Listen, the students are ______ making ( make ) model ships very much. 7. I like _______ goes ( go ) to school from Monday to Friday. 8. Liu Tao _____ 9. We shouldn’t ______( eat eat ) in the library. 10. Are these shoes ______ yours ( you )? No, they aren’t. They’re ______ hers ( she ).

Write a short passage about your favourite holiday.

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