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1. A.I live in NewYork . B.I live in HongKong. C.I live in Nanjing.

2. A.Daming has got a kite. B.Daming has got a book.

C.Daming has got sone chopsticks.

3.A.I can send you a kite. B.I can send you one. C.I can send you a violin.

4.A.Do you like England. B.Do you like Chian. C.Do you like London.

5.A.I want you to be my pen friends. B.I want you to be my pen friend.

C.I want we can be pen frienfs


1.一封来自美国的信 2. 中国食物

3. 一只中国的风筝 4.和……一起玩

5.刀和叉 6.非常难 三、写出下列单词的相应形式:

1.meet(过去式 )(反义词)3.photo(复数)


7.has not(缩写)8.knife(复数


( a toy. A.to B.with C.about

( )2.I’China. A.to B.about. C.from

( )3.It’Chinese food. A.from B. about. C.to

( me. A. for B.to C. about

( Canada. A. of B.about C.from

( )6.Our school half past four. A.at B.in C. on

( )7.Our school at half past four. A.finishes B.finishsC. finished

( A.has B.have C.had

( )9. I like . A.swim B.swimming C.swiming

( )10.Have you got a schoolbag? A. Yes,I have. B. No, I have. C.Yes , I haven’t.

( we can be good friends. A. to B.from C.for

( )12.Mom, Mary. A.this is B.he is C.she is


A.or B.and C.but

( I can`t play it. A.and B.but C.so

( he often play with it. A.but B.and C.so


1.She’s got a letter in America, A 、and it’s from my pen friend.

2.I’ve got an email . B、but I can’t use it .

3.I live in Beijing , C、and he often plays with it .

4.Sam has got a toy car , D、but she can’t read it .

5.I’ve got some chipsticks , E、but I am not a Chinese .

6.I want to go swimming , F、but I’ve got a cold .



1.Yesterday I (meet) my English teacher .

2.Last night my father (tell) me about China .

3.I (live) here in New York .


(come) to help me at that time .

( be ) my friends .

(have) got a Chinese kite .

(say) he will write to soon.


I play basketball well .

2. I met my fridnds we played chess .

3. I took my umbrella it didn’t rain .

I listened to CDs .

I can’t play the Erhu .

6 .I want a computer it’s too expensive .

7 .I want to go to the library it is ten to seven .

8. I went home I ate lunch .

9 .I ate a sandwich an apple .


1.China I someday to want visit


2 .America about Have got you a book?

_____________________________________________ 3 .says Daming you he to will write soon.


4 .You’ve postcard got a New York from .


5.you got a knife or and chopsticks fork Have ?


九、句型转换: 对划线部分提问) New York?

2.I have got lots of dolls.(改为一般疑问句) lots of dolls?

3.Spring Festival is my favourite festival.(对划线部分提问)

your favourite festival?

4.He has got some stamps.(改为否定句) any stamps.

5.Have you got a knife or a fork?(回答句子)


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