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一. 听录音,选出你所听到的单词。

( )1. A.black B.flag C.flat D.frog

( )2. A.show B.short C.know D.home

( )3. A.pea B.bees C.peace D.please

( )4. A.room B.soon C.noon D.moon

( )5. A.bottle B.photo C.potato D.little

二. 写出下列短语:(20)

1带来和平 2.联合国大楼 3.许多

4.在……内 5.全世界 6.照相



( to the school. A. to go B. go C. going

( a nurse.. A.do B.be C. make

( the UN building?. A.into B.in C.to

( go to Harbin. The snow is very beautiful in winter. A. can B.want to C. want

( to make peace in the world.. A.wants B.want

( all around the world. A. in B.from

( . A. drink B. to drink C.drinking

( A. Yes,it is. B.No, it isn’t C.It’s big.

( climbing. A.like B.likes C.liked

( go by bus. A. often B. always C. never

( . B: Not very often.

A.What do you do on Spring Festival?

B. Do you like noodles? C. Do you often go to see the film?

( China. A. from B. with C. on

( )13. A: What is it? A. They are flags. B. It’s a train C. Yes, it is.

( A. to B. from C. inside

( A. countries B. country C. countrys

( peace to the world. A. buy B. bring C. play

( A. How B. Where C. What

( )19. do you want to do? A. Who B.What C. Where


( A. at B. on C. in

( )21. I want to take photo. A. a B. An C. the

( to go to Shanghai. A. want B. wants C. wanted

( A.a lots of B.lots of C. any

( A.go to B. go C. going

( )25.They want zoo. A.visit B. visiting C. visited

( A.Yes,I didn`t. B.No,I do. C.Yes,I do.


1、from ,are ,countries, flags, 191 ,These .





places, mountains, famous, lots, buildings, lake, are, south, cold,go

Dad: of beautiful places to go in China.

Boy: .

Girl: .

Mum: Dad: . Girl: And there are lots of and lakes in Guilin.

Boy: .

Mum: That`s a good idea.

七、阅读理解。阅读短文,根据短文内容补全句子(每个空填一个单词)(10) The Smart family is looking at a map of China. They want to visit many famous places in China. Sam wants to go to Xi`an and see the Terracotta Warriors (兵马俑). Amy wants to visit Hangzhou. She wants to see the West Lake. She knows the West Lake is very beautiful. Sam and Amy`s mother wants to see Guangzhou and Hong Kong. She wants to do some shopping. Mr Smart wants to visit the Three Gorges Dam(三峡大坝). It is a very big dam and it`s very interesting. Sam and Amy want to visit the dam, too. Tom wants to stay at home.

1. The Smart family want to visit many in China.


3. Amy wants to see .

4. Sam and Amy’s mother wants to .

dam and it’s very.


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