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Class : Name: Date: Lesson 13 How is school going? 用所给词的适当形式填空

1.Li Ming plays basketball (two) a week. 2.I hope everything (go) well.

3.Can you finish (make) the model ship this morning? (life) in the traffic accident(交通事故)。5.Li Fang is good at (draw). 单项选择

A. does well at B. do well in C. is good at D. is good on 2.Sandy often part in the games on Sundays. A. take B. does C. takes D. took

3.Classes at eight o’clock every day. A. start B. starts C. starting D. started

4.Did you finish A. listening B. to listen C. listening to D. listened

5. the child usually TV in the evening?

A.Is ,watching B. Are, watching C. Do , watches D. Does, watch 完形填空

Mario Maurer is a famous Thai actor (泰国演员). His father German , and his mother is Chinese. born in Thailand. His keeping (饲养) gold fish. Mario acting. He also likes singing. He is a model (模特) and .Many Chinese people Mario has many awards(荣耀)。 Though (尽管) he is very busy, Mario never gives up his study. He when he has no work. He high school and he entered the university. He hopes to shoot (拍摄) a movie Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi together.

1.A. he B .is C. was D. are 2.A.is B. be C was D. were 3.A.study B. songs C. life D. films 4.A.want B. would like C. enjoy D. enjoys 5.A.singer B. player C. teacher D. driver 6. A. hate B. like C. buy D. visit 7. A. made B. lost C. bought D. won 8. A. swims B. sings C. studies D. plays 9. A. started B. finished C. went D. began 10. A. with B. for C. to D. and Lesson 14 Jenny’s School Life 单项选择

1.Lily is in_____。

A. class 5, grade 7 B.grade7, Class5 C. Class 5,Grade 7 D.Grade7,Class5

2. Wang Ming plays_____ guitar very well. He is cool. A. the B. a C. an D./

3. We want to take part in the fair____ our projects_____ places of interest,

A. on; with B. with; with C. on; on D. with; on 4.I do my work_____. I don’t need help.

A, of my own B, with my own C. on my own D. my own

Lesson 15 Making a Difference


1.“Why did he ______in your life?”“Because he taught me a lot.” A.make a difference B. made a difference C. make a life D. made a life 2. Education is important. Don’t _____school.

A. drop off B. drop by C. drop out of D. drop behind

3.Although(尽管) you may meet some difficulties(困难),you should never______.

A. turn up B. get up C. give up D. grow up 4. He got up late, so he_______ the early bus.

A. missed B. caught C. got on D. took 5.Come as early as_______.

A. maybe B. can C. must D. possible 6.He will become a film star_______.

A. future B. in the future C. in a future D. in futures (二)完成句子


Miss Wang ______ _______ _________in my life. 2.露西不得不退学,因为她家太穷了。

Lucy has to ____ ______ _____ _______,because her family is too poor. 3.你应该戒烟,它对你身体有害。

You should ______ _______smoking. It’s bad for your health. Lesson 16 We Are With You! 单项选择

1.I can’t ____a good idea for increasing sales(增加销售量)。 A.come up with B. think about C. come over D. come on 2.It is easy ___ English.

A. learn B. learned C. to learn D. learns 3.What_____yesterday evening , David?

A. happened B. took place C. happens D. takes place 4.Did Lisa tell you _____in her letter?

A. funny anything B. anything funny C. funny something 5.Don’t touch the _____! It’s dangerous!

A. fire B. ice C. wood D. paper 6.He was afraid of _____mistakes.

A. make B. making C. to make D. makes 7.The meat smells ______;you’d better throw it away. A. good B. terrible C. nice D. terribly

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