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( ) 3. Green is _____.Yellow is _______. 一、判断下列每组字母是否含有相同音素。对的打“√ ”,

A: stop, go B: go, wait C: go, stop 错的打“× ”。

( ) 4.Let ’s ______ to school. a h g ( ) b g e ( ) i r y ( )

A :to go B :go C: going u p w ( ) l m f ( ) b e g ( ) ( )5.________ is it?----It is a pencil.

n s x ( ) z d e ( )

A. Where B. What C. Who 二、下列字母按26个英文字母的顺序书写在四线格中。 ( )6.________is my dress? It is on the bed.

L G z S r Y A d c j I h F M p U X n b E K q t v W O

A. Where B. What C. Who ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ( )7.Turn left _________the traffic lights. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

A. at B. in C. on 三、看图写单词。

( )8、____ ,Where is the gym? 卡车 出租车 城市 教室

A: Excuse me. B: I’m sorry.


1、 is here it_________________________________ 图书馆 公园 旅馆 办公室

2、let help you me__________________________

3、far is the here shop from ________________________________________________ 四、写出下列词的反义词。 near-----( ) young----( ) 4. go the let’s to city_______________________ short----( ) down----( ) right----( ) 九、补全对话。

big----( )

A:Excuse me . Where is the l________.(图书馆) 五、把下列单词归类。

B:It is across from the o_______ b________.(办公楼)

Two gym car cab library classroom forty

A: Is it f________ from here?

park Thirty-three bicycle ninety truck bus

B: No, it is very n_____. Let me s_____ you.

one hundred apartment building

A: T_________ you.


B: You’re welcome.






( )A I want to help him with his homework.

A:where are you going? a: It is a truck.

( )B what’s he doing there?

B: where is the park? b: Home.

( )C No,he is in the gym.

C: what is this? c: Across from the zoo. ( )D Is Ling Ming in the library?

D:Are you ready to order? d : My head hurts.

( )E He is playing basketball with his friend. E:What’s the matter? e: Yes, I want to buy a

What do you want to do? dress.

(2) F:May I help you? f :Yes. I would like some ( )Excuse me.

bread. ( )Here it is.

七、选择。 ( )I can show you. ( ) 1 ._____ . Where is the hotel? A: Excuse me. B: I am sorry. C :Thank you. ( )Where’s the office?

( ) 2. Eight plus six is ________. ( )Thanks. A:fourteen B:four C:forty


( )I’m lost. Where is the hotel? ( )Good. Go down this street and turn left. There

is the hotel.

( )Do you have a map? ( )Yes?

( )Yes. Here it is. ( )Excuse me.


A: two+two=_______ B: seven-five=_______ C: nineteen-eighteen=_____________ D: seventy-two-sixty-two=__________ 小青蛙:I’m ________ years old. 十二、写出相对应的英语或数字。

thirteen_____ seventy_____ ninety_____

15____________ 23_____________ 48_____________ 十三、选择适当的单词完成句子。

1. ______________, Where is the hotel? 2. ________ at a red light.

3. Go _____ this street and turn left. 4 .______ are you going? To the office. 5. Where’s the office? I can ______ you. 6. Turn right _____ the traffic lights. 7. Twelve plus nine equals ________.

8. _______ plus sixteen equals thirty-six. Word list:

at, Where, twenty, twenty-one, Excuse me, down, stop, show. 十四、看图填写单词。

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