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Pep 小学英语五年级上三单元补偿练习

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第三单元 补偿练习


一、 读一读 选一选

1 What would you like ________dinner?

A of B for C on

2 I have pork .______________you?

AWhat about BAbout C What

3 What do you have ____________lunch ________Teusday?

A of in B for on C on for

4 I’d like _______,tofu and cabbage.

A eggplant B pork C potato

5 What ___________you like for lunch?

6 I like ________________.

A grape B grapes C grepes

7 They ______________sweet.

A are B is C do

8 It ______________tasty.

A am B is C are

9 I _______________like bananas

A not B don’t C am

10 Bananas ________________________my favourite.

A is B are C have


What’s your favourite fruit? A We have Chinese and English What do we have on Mondays? B We have tofu and fish.

What would you like for dinner? C I like apples.They are sweet. What do you have for lunch? D I’d like onions and tofu.

What’s your favourite food ? E Fish, They’re tasty

三、 连词成句

1 is, fish, the ,tasty(.)


2 would ,what. for. you, like, lunch(?)


3 your,what ,fruit,is,favourite(?)


4 healthy, are,fresh,,they,and(.)


5 do,what,have,lunch,on,for,Tuesday,you(?)


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