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第一单元 补偿练习


一 选出每小题中与其他三项不同类的单词

1 A Miss B Mr C Mrs D he

2 AChinese B English CAmerican D science

3 A teacher B smart C strict D active

4 A girl B young C woman D man

5 A principal B teacher C student D university


1 Who’s your art teacher?

AMr Hu B He’s funny

2 What’s Zhang Peng like、

A He’s a good student B He’s very short and strong

3 What’s your mother like ?

A She’s tall and thin B She likes music

4 Where is he from?

A I‘m from China BHe’s from Canada

5 He is _________university student.

A/ B an C a

6 Who is that woman?

A He is Mr Wu .B He is Miss Li C She is Miss Lin

7 Is Mr Zhao active?

A Yes, they are B No,she isn’t C Yes,he is

8 What is Miss Chen like ?

A He is srong B She is young C They are very thin

9 Where is Mike from?

A M r Carter B He’s from Canada C She’s a principal

10 Is she your science teacher?

A She’s my mother B He’s a nurse C Yes,she is

三 读一读 练一练

Who are they ? A She’s in our classroom

Who’s your English teacher? B Mr. Zhao

What’s he like ? C A math teacher and an English teacher. What’s your baby brother’s name? D He’s tall and strong.

Where’s your music teacher? F Xiao Ming

Who’s your PE teacher? G She’s young and pretty

Is your brother strict? H Mr Wu

Is she young ? I Yes, he is

What’s your English teacher like ? J No,she’s old.

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