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Tick if they have the sound otherwise cross

1. rain play ( ) 2. know now ( ) 3. soup soap ( )

4. class water ( ) 5. when who ( ) 6. south count ( )


1. have a ________________喉咙痛 2. have a ___________牙痛 3. have a __________发烧

4. have a __________感冒 5. have a __________头痛 6.have a __________耳痛

7.________________厘米 8._____________公斤 9.________________英尺 10______________吨 11_____________更滑稽的 12._____________每个 各自

Match the sentences

( )1.Nice to meet you. A.I’m sorry to hear that.

( )2. How do you feel? B.I have a high fever.

( )3. Where is the hospital? C.Nice to meet you too.

4. What’s the matter? D.I’m very happy.

5. I failed my English test. E.It’s next to the cinema.

6. How long is your pencil? F. I wear size 16.

7. What day is it today? G.. I am 35kg.

8. How tall are you? H. It’s Tuesday.

9. How heavy are you? I. It’s 20cm.

10. How big are you feet? J. I am 160cm tall.

Choosing the right answer

( )1. How ___ he feel?

A. do B. does C. is D. are

( )2.What’s the matter ____ you, Amy?

A. for B. on C. with D. in

( )3.My nose _____.

A. hurt B. hurts C. is hurt D. are hurt

( )4.Tom _____ a toothache.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( )10. My little sister is 5kg ____ than me.

A. older B. bigger C. heavier D. taller

Put them into a sentence

1.sore is throat my (.) __________________________________________

2. Amy does feel How (?) __________________________________________

3.Heavy you how are (?) __________________________________________

4. toothache I a have (.) __________________________________________

5.Brother taller my than me is(.) __________________________________________

Fill in the blanks

1. There is something wrong with my head. I have a h__________.

2. She eats too much hot food, so she has a s_______ t_________ now.

3. My nose h_________ . I feel sick now.

4. W________ the matter with you ? Nothing much. Don’t worry .

5. What’s the__________with you? I have a______________

6. Do you have a______________? No, I have a__________

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