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do you like meat

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Module 4 Unit 1 Do you like meat? 教学设计

教学目标 :


(1)能正确认读单词 noodles, milk, meat, fish, rice 。

(2)能口头表达“Pass me the….”和“Here you are.”句型。

2.语言技能目标:能口头运用Do you like meat, Lingling? 这类语句了解他人对食物的喜好以分配食物,能用Yes, I do.或No, I don’t.回答这种询问。





能通过所学的知识与实际生活联系,用Do you like….? Yes, I do ./ No, I don’t.进行英语交流。


1、学生能根据图片指认单词noodles, milk, meat, fish, rice。

2、能用“Do you like…?”询问他人喜好的食物并能做出相应的回答“Yes, I do.或No, I don’t.


1、单词卡片noodles, milk, meat, fish, rice.



Step 1. Warming-up and revision.

1. Greeting.

T: Hello boys and girls. How are you?

S: Hello. Miss pan. I’m fine, thank you. And how are you?

T: I’m very well. Thank you.

T: Now let’s chant.

OK,let’s go!

2、Chant .

Football, football, I like football.

Basketball, basketball, I like basketball.

Table tennis, table tennis, I like table tennis.

Riding bikes, riding bikes, I like riding bikes.

Swimming, swimming, l don’t like swimming.

Skipping, skipping, l don’t like skipping.

3. Look at the picture, and say : I like…./ I don’t like ….


Step 2 Presentation (呈现新知)

1、 Leading in


T: I’m hungry. I want some food. I want to eat.(做吃的动作)。

2.(呈现肉,米饭,面条,鱼,牛奶图片,分别学习meat,rice, noodles ,fish,milk.)

T: Look at the picture. What is this?




接着呈现米饭,面条,鱼,牛奶图片,分别学习meat,rice, noodles,fish,milk.

3. 把单词卡递给几个同学,要求他们读单词,然后说Pass me the meat. 学习Pass.学生回答 Here you are.

4. 小游戏What’s this?

T: Now, let’s play a game. 同学们认真观察,你看见了什么?

5 . Do you like …? Yes, I do . / No, I don’t.

T: I like meat. Do you like meat?”引出“Yes ,I do.”/“No, I don’t .

6. Pairwork. Students work in pairs, then ask some pairs to act out their dialogues. Step 3 text

1.T:I like fish. What about our friends. Amy and Lingling? Listen and answer two questions.

( 1 ). Do you like meat, Lingling?

( 2 ). Do you like fish, Amy?

2. Listen and repeat.

3. The whole class read together.

Step 4. Practice

1、Sing “Do you like meat?” song..

T: You did very. Now let’s sing a song. 我们用两只老虎的旋律来唱这首歌。Are you ready? “Do you like meat?” One, two go!

2. Let’s say. Students look at the pictures, and ask and answer.

Step 5 Production

用Do you like …? Yes, I do . / No, I don’t.互相进行问答。

T: We will have a group work.活动要求:四人一小组,快速分角色,用Do you like …? Yes, I do . / No, I don’t.互相进行问答。Lingling--- Amy--- Sam---Tom---Lingling. 表现好的小组将有机会上来表演。

Step 6 Summary(总结)


T: OK. Boys and girls, you did a good job . Look at the blackboard, please. What did we learn? Let’s read together.


Step 7 Homework (家庭作业)




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