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Unit 2 My favourite Season -Mar.1st

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百思得教育 Best Education Unit 2 My Favourite Season (一)-Mar.1st.

1.There are four seasons in a year.


--- It’s spring time already.

season summer --- It’s summer time already.

fall --- It’s fall time already.

winter ---It’s winter time already.

句型: It’s + 季节 + time already.

2.Which season do you like best?

1). 单词:which (问选择的特殊疑问词) , best

2).句型:Which + 名词 + 助动词(do / does) + 主语 + like best ?

Eg. ? Which season do you like best ?

? Which book does he like best?

? Which teacher do you like best?

3) I like spring best.

句型: 第一、二人称,第三人称复数 + like +宾语+best.

第三人称单数 + likes 宾语+best.

Eg. ? I like spring best.

? She likes tofu best.

? He likes English best.

4)Which season do you like best? = What’s your favourite season?

句型:What’s your favourite + 名词?

Eg. What’s your favourite day? = Which day do you like best?



1) I can +动词词组+in +季节。

eg.? I can play with snow in winter.

? I can fly kites in fall.

? I can swim in summer.

2) I like to +动词词组 + in +季节。

Eg. ? I like to skate in the winter.

? I like to plant trees in spring.

? I like to swim in summer.

4.why and because.

1) why 为什么,问原因的特殊疑问词

句型: Why + 助动词(do/does) + 主语 + 动词原形 + 其他 ?

Eg. ?Why do you like spring?

?Why does he like to go hiking?

2)because 因为, 回答because必用

eg.Because I can plant trees in spring.

5.weather 天气


百思得教育 Best Education 询问天气的句型: What’s the weather like + 时间 (in +季节,on +星期/周末) Eg. What’s the weather like in spring?

What’s the wather like on Sunday?

windy and warm


sunny and hot summer.

天气的表达: It’s + 天气 windy and cool + in + 季节 fall.

windy and cold winter.

句型:It’s + always + 天气 +in +季节。

Eg. It’s always warm in spring.

It’s always hot in summer.

It’s always cool in fall.

It’s always cold in winter.



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