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What are they doing?

take out the trash

They’re doing chores
do the laundry

make the bed

fold the clothes

sweep the floor

do the dishes clean the floor

? ? ? ? ?

take out 带出去,取出 Please take out a piece of paper. Please take it out. take out “把……带出去” My father is taking me out to go for a drive.

take 有关的短语
? (1)take off 脱下;(飞机)起飞 ? ----Please take off your coat, It’s warm here. ? ---The plane took off at 9:00 am. ? (3)take …to …把。。。。带到。。。。。
? (4)take sb. for a walk 带某人去散步

? (5)take exercise 运动,锻炼
? (6)take one’s time 不用急,慢慢来 ? (7)take a bus(ship/train)乘坐公共汽车 ? (8)take turns 轮流,替换

? (9)It takes sb. sometimes to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间

go shopping
wash the clothes wash the car Cook\make dinner look after baby brother, …

She’s sweeping the floor.

What chore is Mrs Green

What chore is Miss Li doing?

She’s doing the dishes.

What chore is she doing now

She is cooking.

What chore is Sally doing?

She is taking out the trash.

We Love our parents.
We help do the chores.


Peter’s chores or Mom’s chore

do the dishes sweep the floor

take out the trash
make your bed

fold your clothes
clean the living room

2a Listen. Peteragain. asks his father if hePeter can do four 2a .b . Listen Why does ’s father things. What does his father say? Check (?)“yes ” or say “no”“ . no”? Draw lines to the reasons in the chart.

Peter Peter’s father wants says… to… go to the ? yes no movies stay out yes ?no late use the yes ?no car get a ride ?yes no

His father’s reasons

I have to go to a meeting.(会议) You have to clean your room. I need to eat breakfast. You have a test tomorrow.

1 work on 从事,忙于 He has worked on his company for ten years.

2 help out with sth 给予帮助
You always watch TV and never help out around the house.

3 any minute now (second, moment , time)随时 马上

The guests are arriving any time now bu we are still not ready.

4 Two hours of TV is enough for you. 两个小时的电视对你是足够的。
Ten years is a long time.


Because she never helps out around the house.

2 Yes, they did. Nancy said sorry to her mother ,and she understood to share the housework with her mother.

5 neither conj. 也不 pron. 两者都不 He isn’t coming here, neither am I . Neither of them knows English.

6 in surprise 吃惊地 I looked at him in great surprise because he changed so much.

1 For a week , she did not do any housework and neither did I . 2 The minute I sat down in front of the TV, my mom come over. 3 I ‘m just as tired as you are.

a c e b




fold Could please can

Ask and answer according to the pictures in your cards.The one who gets a red card asks and the one with

a blue card answers.

A: Could you please clean the floor? A: Sure, (but I have to do my homework first!)

RMB 2000 borrow some money : Could I borrow some money? I want to buy a camera. some: : Sorry, I don’t have so much money. it’s too dear!

Key sentence structures
Could you(please)+ V-原形?
1. Could you please clean your room? Yes, sure./ Of course/ Certainly. 2.Could you please do the dishes? Sorry/ No, I can’t. I have to do my homework. I have a headache. I’m very busy. …

也可表示请求。 1) Would you mind cleaning your room ?

2) Would you like to do sth? 3 ) Shall I/we do sth? 4 ) Let’s do sth.

Could I please get a ride?

Yes, you can.
Could I please use the car? Sorry, you can’t. I have to go to a meeting. Could I stay out late? No, you have a test tomorrow.

3. could与can的区别 could与can都是情态动词,could是can的过去式。二者 都可用于 表示请求。但是用法稍有不同。 can表示一般性的请求,语气随便,常用于熟人之间或长 辈对辈, 上级对下级的场合; Can you tell us your story , Tony ?

could表示有礼貌的请求,语气委婉,常用于非熟人 之间或晚 辈对长辈,下级对上级的场合。 Could you tell us if it snows in winter in Australia ? Sure .

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