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Let’s sing a song

Let’s talk
Where did you go yesterday? ? I went to the supermarket.

What did you do yesterday?
I went shopping . What did you buy ? ? I bought many things.


apples do you want? How many _______

I want _______ three ________. apples

How many bananas _______ do you want?

I want _______ five ________. bananas

cakes do you want? How many _______

I want _______ three ________. cakes

moon cakes do you How many ____________ want? I want _______ two _____________. moon cakes

How many bottles are there?
one bottle

three bottles

one boy

two boys

one wheel

twelve wheels

one box

six boxes

one bus

three buses

one peach

two peaches

one baby

two babies

one cherry

lots of cherries

one photo

two photos

one tomato

two tomatoes

How much _______ juice do you want? one bottle I want ___________. juice I want __________ one bottle of ________.

How much _______ milk do you want? two boxes I want ___________. milk I want __________ two boxes of ________.

五、用How many和How much填空。

? 1.How many pears do you want? ? 2.How much milk do you want? How many teachers do you want? ? 3. ? 4. How many books do you have? ? 5 How much cheese do you want? ? 6.How much juice do you want?

1. 列一购物单(五个可数名词和五个不可 数名词。) 2.分别用How many和How much各造三个 句子。 。

Thank you !

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