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一、 单项选择。

( )1. This is Big Ben. It’s very .

A. tall B.long C. wide

( )2. This is a book about London. It’A. tall B.nice C. short

( )that one is small.

A. so B. but C. because

( )4. ---Is it your book? --- .

A. Yes, it not B.No, it isn’t C. No, this isn’t

( )A. Lili’s B.Lili C. whose

二、 单词拼写,根据汉语提示填写合适的单词,完成句子。

1. (古老的).

2. Tower Bridge is very _____(著名的).

3. The Queen’ s house is very _____(漂亮的).

4. London is a big______(城市).

5. My home is______(接近的) to the school.

6. ______(谁的)book is it?

7. This_____(船) is a big.

三、 连词成句

1. book, a , about, it’s, London(.)

2. It, very, too, beautiful,is(.)

3. Close, the, Queen’s, it’s, to, house(.)

4. it, your, is, house(?)

5. Very, and, big, it’s, beautiful, very(.)

6. school, my, old, beautiful, is, but, it’s(.)


I’m Lucy. I’m from London. This is my mother. She is a teacher. She is good at cooking. She is nice. This is my father. He’s thin and tall. He’s very clever. I love them. Oh, this is my house. Is it beautiful? Yes, it is. I love it very much. The River Thames is close to my house. It is long and wide. There are a lot boats on the river.

( )1.Lucy is from_____.

A. London B. Beijing C. Shanghai

( )2. Lucy’s mother is a_____.

A. doctor B.driver C. teacher

( )3.____is thin and tall.

A.lucy B. Lucy’s mother C. Lucy’s father

( )4. Lucy’s house is______.

A. Big B. Small C. Beautiful

( )5. _____is close to Lucy’s house.

A. The River Thames B. Big Ben C. Tower Bridge

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