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English Name: ______ Total Score: ______

Listening Part (听力部分 30分)


1. he we 2. doll door

3. leg arm 4. ship sheep

5. tea bee 6. our their

7. teeth tooth 8. my I

9. quick slow 10. pea bean


1) What can you see?

2) Where are you going?

3)How do you go to school?


1). A. monkeys B. dogs C. bags

2) A. left B. hot C. big

3) A. TV B. UN C. UK

4) A. sister B. mother C. father

5). A. home B. school C. English



1. A. Do you like drawing? B. Do you like swimming? C. Do you like reading?

2. A. How are you? B. How old are you ? C. Where are you?

3. A. It is a banana. B. It is a pencil-case. C. It’s a pencil.

4. A .My name is Amy. B. Her name is Amy. C. My sister’s name is Amy.


1). A. She is my sister. 2). A. It’s yellow.

B. She’s seven years old. B. It’s a jacket.

C. She’s happy. C. It’s mine.

3).Touch your _________ . A. mouth B. eyes C. ears D. nose

1). 2) 3)

4) 5)

Reading and writing (笔试部分 70分 )



bear spider hen cow


leg ear arm hand



( ) 1.-How are you going to Shanghai?

-I’m going there _______

A. by bike B. by ship C. by plane D. by bus

( ) 2.The pencil is ______,that pencil is ______.

A.tall short B. long short C. quick slow D. left right

( ) 3.——What’s Maggie doing?

——She is ________.

A. sleeping B. watching TV C. doing homework D. brushing her teeth

( ) 4.-How many onions?

- ______

A. four B. two C. ten D. five

( ) 5.Do you like babnanas?

A.No, I do. B.Yes,I do. C.Yes,I can.

三.看图判断正误,写yes 或 no。12分

1) This is a lion. [ ] 2) It’s 6:00pm. [ ]

3) I like watermelons. [ ] 4) I like apples.[ ]

5) I can see a bedroom. [ ] 6) It’s a cat. [ ]



1) hat dress jacket shoes trousers

2) ruler pen bag eraser book

3) my their her your his


1) What can you see? Yes, I do.

2) What animals do you like? They are eating grass.

3) Do you like pineapples? There are ten.

4) How many books?

I can see a big cake. 4

5) What are the cows doing? I like dogs.

6) How do you go to school? By bus.


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