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中职英语下上册Unit 2课堂

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Unit 2 A different School

training训练,培训 programming编程 view景色,风景

center中心 tourism旅游业 more and more越来越 course 课程 customer顾客 radio无线电广播 chance机会 service接待,服务 station电台 heart 内心,心脏 hotel旅馆

radio station广播电台 at heart 内心里 friendly友好的 computer science计算机科学 from …on从…起 deal with 对付

club 俱乐部,社团 what’s more更为重要的是 at the foot of在…底部 member 成员,会员 such as例如 hairdressing理发

Sandy: Excuse me. Do you know the way to the training center?

Lily: Yes.I’m going there too.Let’s go together.

Sandy: Great!What year are you in?

Lily: My first year.

Sandy: Me,too.What course are you taking?

Lily: Cooking.

Sandy: Wow!It sounds interesting .How’s the course going?

Lily: Very well.I really enjoy it.


Activity 1: Listen and read the following vowels and words. school classroom book cooking

walk door shopping sorry

Activity 2: Listen and write the words in the correct column.

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