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学校 一、根据汉语提示,写出下列单词。(20分)

________ 1 姓 _______ 2名_______ 3兄弟__________ 4双胞胎

__________ 5中国 ________ 6居住________7澳大利亚_________8班级 美国___________ 9加拿大________10 乘_______ 11远_____ 12________ 近______13地铁_________ 14走________ 15骑___________16洗手

间_____ 17中国___________ 18、刷___________19迟到姓名 ___________ 20穿衣服___________ ________


1、read newspapers ___________ 2、in the kitchen____________ 3、see a movie ____________ 4、get dressed ____________ 5、去学校 ____________ 6、go home____________ 7、乘公共汽车 ____________ 8、起床 ____________ 9、ride a bike ____________ 10、急忙、赶快____________ 三、给下面句子选择合适的汉语意思。(6分)

( ) 1、My last name is Zhang. A、我迟到了。

( )2、Sandy is making the bed. B、桑迪正在整理床铺。 ( )3、They look great! C、我姓张。

( )4、Let’s hurry up to school. D、我现在正穿衣服。 ( )5、I’m getting dressed now. E、让我们快去学校吧! ( )6、I am late . F、它们看起来很棒! 四、选择填空。(40分)

( )1、Where is he from? ______ is from the U.S.A. A. She B. His C. He

( )2、______you live near school? No, I don’t. A. do B. Are C. Do

( )3、How do you go to school? I go to school ______ car. A. by B. in C. take ( )4、What time do you go to the park? ______nine o’clock. A. In B. On C. At

( )5、What do you do after school? I ______ home. A. go B. goes C. went ( )6、Can I ______TV now?

A. see B. watch C. watching ( )7、What are you doing? I’m ____________now.

A. brush my teeth B. brushing my teeth C. brushing your teeth

( )8、Where are you from? I am from______.

A. Australia B. Australian C. australia

( )9、She ______to school.

A. go B. goes C. going ( )10. What are you doing? I am ______the bed. A. make B. making C. makes ( )11.I_________ a shirt.

A . have B . buy C. buying ( )12.I go to school by bus ______ by bike . A. am B .of C. or

( )13.Where_______ you going? -----To the department store. A. are B .is C. am ( )14.Do you live ____school?

A. an B. a C. near ( )15.What’s ____matter.

A. the B. on C .of ( )16.How ___ are you?

A. did B. old C. do ( )17.______ in the bathroom?------It’s me.

A. What’s B. Who’s C. Where’s ( )18.We _____ late .

A. are B. was C. play ( )19. Where are you from? I’m ______China. A. in B. from C. on ( )20.Sometimes I take _____ subway.

A. a B. the C. an


1、from are you Where ? ____________________________________ 翻译:____________________________________ 2、is That a idea good ! ____________________________________ 翻译:____________________________________ 3、now dressed getting am I . ____________________________________ 翻译:____________________________________ 4、the matter What is ? ____________________________________ 翻译:____________________________________ 5、school go do How you to ? ____________________________________ 翻译:____________________________________


Today is Sunday . It is a fine day .The sky is blue , Mr. White is with his family .There are four people in his family . They are Mr. White , May and Jim . They are walking on the bridge(桥) . There are some boats on the river . Mr. and Mrs. White are looking at them . May is not looking at the boats . She is looking at a big ship . Jim is looking at the birds in the sky . They are having a good time .

( )1. How many people are there in your family? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 ( ) 2. Who is looking at the birds?

A. Mrs. White. B. May. C. Jim.

( ) 3. What’s May looking at?

A. A ship. B. Some boats. C. The bridge. ( ) 4. Are they sitting on the bridge?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. They are sitting.



Jack and Lisa are good friends. They live far from school. Sometimes they go to school by bus. It takes about 30 minutes. But they like walking. Sometimes they walk to school. It take about 50 minutes. 1. ( )They live near school.

2. ( )It takes about 30 minutes by bus. 3. ( )They don’t like walking. 4. ( )They are good friends. 2、选择适当的单词完成短文。(8分)

I am ten. I am a good student. In the morning, I get _____ at six o’clock. I have _____at six thirty. _____go to school at seven. I do _____ homework before dinner. I go to bed at nine forty. 1、( ) A. down B. up C. to 2、( )A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner 3、( )A. I B. He C. It 4、( )A.his B. her C. my

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