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like +Ving.如:like swimming(喜欢游泳)。

What do you like? I like…

I like swimming ,I like swimming, go ,go, go , go, go, go . I like running ,I like running, go, go ,go , go ,go, go.

About me(关于我)

Can you guess?

What do I like?

go shopping

I like going shopping.

make clothes 做衣服 I like making clothes.

hot hobby


Do you have any hobbies
Yes,I do.I like…

a stamp


collect stamps(集邮)
She likes collecting stamps.

一般现在时中,当主语为第三人称 单数 时,动词后要加s或es。

Choose :
his sisters, Mike and I,

YangLing, Su Hai’s parents,
My sister, her brothers,

their friend

the dog,



make model ships

He likes making model ships.

Have a rest :

listen to the song

Q1:What’s Mike’s hobby? He likes taking photos. Q2:What’s Su Yang’s hobby? She likes growing flowers.

Let’s sing

男生扮演Mike,女生扮演Su Yang, 男女生轮流演唱,演唱时请起立, 唱完即坐下.

Do you have any hobbies? Yes,I do.I like…

take photos

go shopping

collect stamps

grow flowers

make model ships

make clothes

taking photos The boy likes __________ __________.

collecting __________. stamps The girl likes ___________

growing __________. flowers The girl likes __________

making _________. clothes The girl likes _________

Play a game:

Chinese whisper

每小组的第一位同学将所看 到的词组小声地告诉下一位同学, 最后一位同学大声且正确地说出 答案即为获胜,并请最后一位同 学带领大家朗读这个词组。

Ask and answer Part C

A: Do you have any hobbies?
B: Yes, I do. I like collecting stamps. He likes collecting stamps, too.

A: Do you have any hobbies? B: Yes, I do. I like taking photos. He likes taking photos, too.

A: Do you have any hobbies? B: Yes, I do. I like making clothes. She likes making clothes, too.

A: Do you have any hobbies? B: Yes, I do. I like growing flowers. She likes growing flowers, too.


collecting stamps

making clothes
growing flowers taking photos going shopping

Work in pairs
每四人为一小组,调查一下各自的爱好是什么,选一 人做代表向全班介绍各自的爱好是什么?

I like…

*** likes…
*** likes…

*** likes…


1.Read part B.

2.Write your parents’ hobbies:
My father likes…

My mother likes…

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