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外研社三起 六年级下M3 U2 I am looking out of the window. PPT

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Module3 Unit2
I am looking out of the window.

Guessing game.

A:What are they doing now?

B:Are they …...? B:Are they dancing?

A: Yes, they are .

/No, they aren’t.

A: What is he doing now?

B:Is he …...? B: Is he drinking? A: Yes, he is . /No, he isn’t.

A:What is she doing now?
B:Is she …...? B: Is she sleeping? A: Yes, she is . /No, she isn’t.
She is eating an ice cream.

( A)1.Here __the photos. Look! A.am B.is C.are (C )2.Look!The ducks _____in the water. A.swims B.is swimming C.are swimming ( A)3.____this photo,it’s raining. A.In B.At C.On ( A)4.I had a very funny day____Sunday. A.on B.at C.in (B )5.Please look ____this! A.in B.at C. on.

Exercise 1:

Game two:

? Look at the picture and talk about the pictures.

She is

watching TV.

She is

doing morning exercises.

He is

riding e his bike.

He is listening to music, and, his sister is singing. ……

They are

swim ming now.

He is

flying a kite.

They are having e a picnic.

? A girl is on a train.And she is talking on the phone.In her phone,she is talking what is she seeing on the way.Let’s listen.

? Listen to the tape and read the text. ? Girl:Where are you? ? Boy:I am on the train. I am looking out of the window.It is raining.Pigs are sleeping under the tree.A man is wearing a big hat and a raincoat.Children are jumping in the water.The train is going up a hill.Now we are going down the hill.It isn’t raining.The sun is shining.Children are playing in a park.Now the train is coming to the station.I can see you!

Read and find out the words ending in “ing”.
? I am looking out of the window. It is raining. Pigs are sleeping under the tree. A man is wearing a big hat and a raincoat. Children are jumping in the water. The train is going up a hill. Now we are going down the hill. It isn’t raining. The sun is shining. Children are playing in a park. Now the train is coming to the station.

Exercise 2.
shine ? ? ? ? ? ? ? rain look sleep jump come go

sleeping 1.Pigs are_______under the tree. coming 2.The train is ________to the station. shining 3.The sun is_________. raining 4.It is___________. looking 5.I am________out of the window. 6.Children are ___________in the water. jumping going up a hill. 7. The train is ______

Listen and answer these questions: 1.What is the girl doing? She is looking out of the window. 2.What’s the weather like? It is raining. 3.What are the pigs doing? Pigs are sleeping under the tree.

4.What is a man wearing? A man is wearing a big hat and a raincoat.

5.What are the children doing? Children are jumping in the water. 6.Is the sun shining? Yes,it is.
7.Where are the children playing? The children are playing in a park.

Game: Talk about the photos.

A:In this photo, we’re …ing . B:You’re at/in the…. A:That’s right./ No,I’m not. Try again.
1.A:In this photo, we’re having a picnic.

B:You’re in the park.
A:That’s right.

2.A:In this photo,I am looking at so

me animals. B:You are in the zoo. A:That’s right.

3.A:In this photo,I’m looking for a book. B:You’re in the book store. A:No,I’m not.Try again. B:You are in the library. A:That’s right.

4. A:In this photo, we’re buying things. B:You’re at the supermarket. A:That’s right.

Exercise 3:
In 1.___this photo,it’s raining.(In,On,At) swimming the 2.The ducks are________in water.(swim,swimming) is 3.The policeman____wearing a big hat.(is,am,are) policemen are is 4.My father_____drawing a picture.(is,am,are) coming 5.The bus is______.(come,coming) shining 6.The sun is_______.(shine,shining)

用Be 动词的适当形式填空(am/is/are) 1.It_____going to be warm tomorrow. is am 2. I____having a picnic with my friends in the park. is 3.Sam_____running in the park. 4.We______going down the hills. are 5.The boy____looking out of the is window.

选词填空。 ( A)1.What are the ducks doing? They ____our picnic. A.are eating B.eating C.eats ( B )2.Where’s_____? She’s under the tall tree. A.your dad B.your mum C.your brother (C )3.What are you doing? I’m________. A.in the park B.hungry C.writing to Sam ( A)4.Are you singing in the room?_______. A.Yes,Iam. B.Yes,I do. C.No,I don’t. ( B )5.On Sunday we___a picnic in the park and we____a funny day that day. A.have…have B.had…had C.have…had

In the park It is Sunday today. Amy and Lingling are in a big park. 1.They are flying kites. Mrs Smart is running around the lake. Some boys are playing football on the grass. 2.Some girls are singing and dancing. 3.An old man is reading a newspaper under a big tree. A young woman and her little son are playing with a toy bus. 5.How happy they are!
1.What are Amy and Lingling doing? They are flying kites. 2. What are some girls doing? They are singing and dancing. 3.What is the old man doing? He is reading a newspaper. 4. What is Mrs Smart doing ? Mrs Smart is running.

5. Are they happy? Yes, they are.

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