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1.six subjects 1.六门学科 2.in the afternoon 2.在下午 3.a week 3.一周 4.一节有趣的语文课 4.an interesting Chinese lesson 5.a new term 5.新学期 6.in the morning 6.在早晨 7.how many lessons 7.多少节课 8.what subject(s) 8.什么科目 9.the first lesson 9.第一节课 10.have a Maths lesson 10.上一节数学课 11.欢迎回到学校。 11.Welcome back to school. 12.Computer Studies 12.电脑课

13.at once 14.How about you? 15.Social Science 16.在星期三上午

13.立刻 14.你呢? 15.社会科学 16.on Wednesday morning

What day is it today? How many Chinese lessons do we have in a week? We have three lessons in the morning? What subject do you like? Can you tell me at once?

on Sunday morning in the morning on Saturday have a lesson the first lesson of the new term welcome back to school welcome to our school have eight subjects this term have an English lesson what subject how many Chinese lessons

在周日早晨 在早晨 在周六 上一节课 新学期的第一节课 欢迎回到学校 欢迎到我们学校 有八个科目 这学期 有一节英语课 什么科目 多少节语文课

plus 加 minus 减 at once 立刻 trick 诡计 Maths interesting 有趣的

I like Maths very much. It’s interesting I like English. It’s interesting.

数学很有趣。 Maths is interesting. 我将给你展示。I’ll show you. 我能立刻告诉你。 I can tell you at once. 你能立刻告诉我吗? Can you tell me at once? 有什么窍门? What’s the trick?


one – first two – second three – third four- fourth five-fifth six-sixth seven-seventh eight-eighth nine-ninth

the first lesson of the new term the first day of the week the first day of February the first student of this line the first page of this book


欢迎回到学校。 Welcome back to school. 欢迎回家。 Welcome back home. 欢迎光临我的书店。 Welcome to my book shop. 欢迎到我们学校。 Welcome to our school. 欢迎回到中国。 Welcome back to China. 欢迎到美国。 Welcome to America. 谢谢你!/ 不用谢。 Thank you. / You are welcome.

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