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Lesson 6 Is This Your Dog?

Lesson six "Is this your dog?"

“Is this your dog? Yes, it is. Why? Well, your dog chases my cat. Oh, I'm sorry. Please keep your dog on a leash. Yes, Ma'am. ” 1:31

This dialogue involves two people. One is Mrs. Lee. And the other is Tony.

Are you a student? You are a student. Is he a teacher? He is a teacher.

This is a book. Is this a book? This is your dog.

Why did you ask me a question like this? He speaks English very well.

How are you getting along? Would you like to go to the movies tonight? Well, I can't. 10:26 Oh, sorry. Ouch! 哎呦 Oh, (I'm) sorry.

Keep your dog on a leash, please. Open the door, please. He is a man.

Madam = ma'am

Is that your cat? Is this your dog? Are you a student? Is he a teacher?

Please keep your dog on a leash. 18:04

Blank 空格 we all like him.

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