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unit one

She studies at Rose School in Leeds, England now.

Does she go to school by underground?

She always goes to school by school bus.

She has lunch at the school canteen.

Does she need to do her homework after school?

She practices the piano for half an hour like you.

She’s one year older than me.

I want to be her pen friend.

You may e-mail each other.

Unit two:

Jiamin looks thinner now than before.

I’m worried about him.

He looks tired and sometimes he sleeps in class.

He always goes to bed later than me.

Sometimes Jiamin can’t hand in his homework on time and he can’t do well in class. I think he plays computer games too much.

I’m worried about Jiamin’s study.

I’m sure he can catch up with the others.

Let’s help him together.

Unit four:

It’s time to get up.

It’s time for breakfast.

Can I go back to sleep?

You’re late for school.

Eat you breakfast quickly. I don’t want to be late for school.

We’re going to see the doctor.

Unit five:

You look very pale.

Janet doesn’t feel good this morning.

Let me give you a checkup first.

How much fruit do you eat every day?

The children walk to school with their father every morning.

We don’t always walk to school. We usually go by bus.

I don’t go to bed early. I read for a long time every night.

Take the medicine three times a day and stay at home for one day.

Unit seven:

Is Yongxian’s new school larger?

We are going to move to the new school next Monday.

I needn’t go to school by bus.

Is your new school much larger than the old one? Yes, it’s much larger. The classrooms are bigger and brighter.

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