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Module 4 Unit 1 I'm making Daming's birthday card.

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Module 4 Unit 1

birthday card

The balloons are flying away.

1.birthday card
2.carry 3.fall

搬 ,抬 ,提 落下,跌倒

4.fly away


5. be careful= look out 小心,当心

Listen, point and find words

ending in ― –ing‖.

动词词形变化小结: 过去式 1、 make———making ——— made 2、buy ——— buying ——— bought 3、go 5、fall 6、fly ——— going ——— went 4、carry ——— carrying ——— carried ——— falling ——— fell ——— flying ——— 动词原形 现在分词


Read and answer.

Where is Daming’s Mum?

She is at the supermarket.
What is she doing? She is buying things for Daming’s birthday. Who is going to have a birthday party? Daming is going to have a birthday party.

What is Simon doing? Simon is making Daming’s birthday card.

What is Mum carrying?
She is carrying some oranges. Who can’t help Mum? Simon can’t help Mum.

What is in the bag?
It’s the cake. What is happening to the balloons? The balloons are flying away. ( They say, ― Happy birthday, Daming!‖

1、at the supermarket 2、buy things for… 3、have a birthday party 4、carry everything 5、make Daming’s birthday card 6、be careful 7、careful(副词)carefully 8、 dear(同音)deer 9、fly away 10、look at the balloons


12、happy birthday

Game:Part 3
Busy and free(闲)

My apples are falling. Who can help me?

Sorry, I can’t.

I can help you.

My kite is flying away. Who can help me?

I can help you.

Sorry, I can’t.

1、She’s buying things for your birthday. 2、The oranges are falling. 3、The balloons are flying away. 4、The books are falling.

5、The apples are falling.
6、The kite is flying away.

7、The newspaper is flying away.

复习巩固can 的用法,并能用它来寻 求帮助及做出回复。
1.求助: ⑴——Who can help me ? ——I can ./Sorry , I can’t. ⑵——Can you help me ? ——Of course . 2.提供帮助: ⑴Can I help you? ⑵What can I do for you ?

fly away与fall down
(1) fly away意为飞走,飞向远方 eg: My kite is flying away. (2) fall down意为掉下来,落下,下降

eg:The eggs are falling down the stairs.

1.-What is he doing ? is cleaning - He __________(clean)the blackboard 2.-What is the boy doing ? is carrying -He ____________(carry) a bag. 3.-What are they doing? are buying things -They ____________________ 4.-What are the boys doing? playing basketball -They ______________________

( D )1.Who can help _______? A.he B.we C.my D. them ( B )2.Mum is ________ in the kitchen. A.cooks B.cooking C.cook ( C )3.What is ________doing?




( D )4.Listen! A boy ____________behind the wall.

A.singing B.is sing C. sings D.is singing
( A )5.The kite is ______________. A.flying away B.fly away C.flies away

A:Who can help me? B:Where’s Lucy

? C: Happy Mother’s Day! D:have a home party E:The card is falling Mum:____________________ B Lily:She’s at the supermarket.She’s buying things for Mother’s Day. D Mum:Am I going to _________ Lily:Yes,you are. Lucy:______They are too heavy. A Lily&Mum:We can help you! Lucy:Thank you!Oh!__________ E Lily:But look at the card .It says“__________ ”. C

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