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m8u2 revision

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徐州一中高三复习讲义 M8u2 M8 U2 Revision

I. words:

1. 共同的___________ 9. 仁慈的_________ 18. 试图_______ _______

2. 选派角色,投射_________ 10. 机遇__________ ________

3. 极好的,令人惊叹的11. 人事部门_________ 19. 偏见,成见________

_________ 12. 合唱_________ 20. 歧视________

4. 固执的_________ 13. 疼痛的________ 21. 逐渐的________

5. 令人不安的________ 14. 倾向,偏好__________ 22. 单身汉,学士________

6. 逮捕, 夺取_______ 15. 自由________

7. 抓住,攫取________ 16. 衰落,减少_________

8. 训斥_______ 17. 趋势,动向_________

II. Phrases:

1.在演出中担任主演____________________ 2.对…是完美的_________________________

3. 宣告…的开始________________________ 4.被处以死刑 ___________________

5.收回这一许诺__________________________ 6.咋一看,初看时_______________________

7.呈现________________________ 8.因…责备______________________

9.死于心脏病______________________ 10. 只允许…进入____________________

11. 作为他第一个音乐老师_____________ 12. 简要回顾_____________________

13.起源于____________________________ 14. 有…的倾向__________________________

15. 涌现_________________________ 16.渐渐走向没落___________________________

17.与…结合 ______________________ 18.是…的先锋___________________

19. 与…接近_____________________

III. Translation 1. 我们班没有人比约翰学习更用功。 (否定词和比较级) _________________________________________________________________________ 2. 在过去的十年里,这座城市发生了很大的变化,呈现出崭新的面貌。 (take on) _______________________________________________________________________ 3. 尽管他们多年未见,他还是第一眼就认出了她。(at first sight ) _______________________________________________________________________ 4. 老板要求所有员工都准时上班。(demand) _______________________________________________________________________ 5. 在过去的五年里,许多高楼沿河拔地而起。(spring up) _______________________________________________________________________

II. Multiple choices:

1. — Do you think an advertisement is _______ help when you look for a college?

— Well, it all depends. Anyway, it gives me more of _______ chance.

A. a; a B. 不填; a C. 不填; the D. a; the

2. — How do you find the oil price now?

— It _____ up all the time and no one knows when it will become stable.

A. had gone B. has been going C. has gone D. had been going


徐州一中高三复习讲义 M8u2

3. Few people will admit to ________ others.

A.have prejudice againstB. be prejudiced against C. having prejudiced againstD. being prejudiced against

4. The great damage which the destructive earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 _____ made a great many

people homeless.

A. brought in B. brought about C. brought up D. brought out

5. The South Pole isn’t _____ people could find a comfortable place to live, for the average winter

temperature there is below-40℃.

A. which B. that C. what D. where

6. from the operation, the patient was advised to stay in hospital for another two weeks.

A.Having not fully recovered B.Being not fully recovered

C.Not having fully recovered D.Not fully recovering

7. Johnny’s uncle promises that the boy _________ get a nice present on Christmas Eve.

A. should B. must C. can D. shall

8. __________ the moment they heard the starting signal given by the teacher.

A. Ran the children down the hill B. Down the hill did the children run

C. Down the hill the children ran D. Down the hill ran the children

9. It is said that ________ to classic music may be helpful in improving teenagers’ taste.

A. exposed B. exposing C. being exposed D. having exposed

10. It was _____ the ambulance came _____ to the hospital.

A. until;that the boy was sent B. until;that was the boy sent

C. not until;that the boy was sent D. not until;that was the boy sent

11. --The boss said we had only three days to finish the work.

---Don’t worry. We have already ___two thirds of it.

A. got down B. got through C. given in D. given away

12. --Did they come to the biology laboratory ? --I don't know. They __________ while I was out.

A. might have come B. might come C. should have come D. must have come

13. I can’t see any coffee in this cupboard. A. Has it all been finished B. Was it all finished C. Has it all finished D. Did it all finish

14. The police have ________anyone with information to come forward and talk to them.

A. admitted to B. appealed to C. allowed for D. called for

15. ------How many chapters does the book have? ------It ____ three chapters.

A. consists with B. consists of C. including D. is contained

16. He may not be at home. Then ______, leave him a note.

A. if not so B. if he is C. if he not D. if so

17. _______, I think, and the problems could be settled.

A.If you double your efforts B. So long as you keep up your spirits

C. Making greater efforts D. A bit more efforts

18. _____ for the ticket, I would not have gone to the films so often.

A. If it is not B. Were it not C. Had it not been D. If there were to

19. The new movie _______ to be one of the biggest money-makers of all time.

A. promises B. agrees C. pretends D. declines


徐州一中高三复习讲义 M8u2


1. universal 2. cast 3. awesome 4. stubborn 5. disturbing 6. seize 7. grab 8. scold 9. merciful 10. opportunity

11. personnel 12. chorus 13. sore 14. tendency 15. liberty 16. decline 17. trend 18. seek sought sought 19. prejudice 20. discrimination 21. gradual 22. bachelor


1. be cast in this production 2. be perfect for 3. announce the start of 4. be condemned to death 5. break one’s promise 6. at first sight 7. take on 8. scold sb for doing sth 9. die of heart attack 10 be only accessible to 11. serve as his first musical tutor 12. take a brief look at 13. have its root in 14. have a tendency to do 15. spring up 16. go into a gradual decline 17. combine with 18. be pioneers for 19. come close to


1. No one in our class studies harder than John does.

2. In the past ten years, great changes have taken place in this city, making it take on a new look.

3. Although they hadn’t seen each other for years, he recognized her at first sight.

4. The boss demanded that all the workers arrive to work on time.

5. In the past five years, many tall buildings have spring up along the river.

1-5ABDBD 6-10 CDDCC 11-15 BAABB 16-20 CDCA


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