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小学英语冀教版四年级下册 第一单元复习资料

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welcome to… 欢迎到… welcome back to…欢迎回到… on the desk在桌子上面 in the schoolbag在书包里 under the desk在桌子下面 put…on…把…放在…的上面

from…to…从…到… in the classroom在教室里 on the playground在操场上

play a game做游戏 a new pupil一名新学生 whose pencil谁的铅笔


1, Let’s =Let us +动词原形

2, How many(表示多少)+名词复数

3, 特殊疑问词:when(什么时候) what(什么) where(哪里) who(谁) whose(谁的)


4, 现在进行时结构:主语+be动词+动词ing(表示动作正在发生)

标志词:now, look, listen

例句:she is reading a book now.她现在正在看书。


1. I’m your new teacher.Welcome back to school.You can call me Mr.Wood.


2. Whose pencil is this? Is this Steven’s pencil?这是谁的铅笔?这是史蒂芬的铅笔吗?

No. It’s not his pencil.不,这不是他的铅笔。

Where is my pencil? 我的铅笔在哪里?

3. What can you see? I can see a chair.你可以看到什么,我可以看到一把椅子。

4. How many books are there on my desk? There are eight books?

我桌子上有几本书? 有八本书。

Let’s put eight books on the eight books.让我们把八本书放在这八本书上面。

5. Li Ming is in front of the tree.李明在树的前面 Li Ming is behind the tree.李明在树的后面。

Li Ming is beside the tree.李明在树的旁边。 Li Ming is under the tree.李明在树的下面。

Danny is between the desk and the chair.丹妮在桌子和椅子中间。

The book is in the schoolbag.书在书包里面。The schoolbag is on the desk.书包在桌子上面。

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