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广州版2013学年第二学期 五年级英语 Module 1 (B卷)

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Module 1 (B卷


一、听句子,把描述各人的句子的字母编号填在括号内。 (6%)

1. Mrs. Webb ( )

2. Miss White ( )

3. Jiamin ( )

4. Dim ( )

A. never gets u9 early in the morning.

B. is sometimes late for school.

C. cleans the kitchen quite often.

D. always watches TV for too long.

E. always gets up at half past seven.

F. usually cooks dinner for the children.

G. seldom has lunch at the school canteen.

H. usually goes to work by car.


1. ( )

4. ( ) 2. ( ) 5. ( ) 3. ( ) 6. ( )

A. Yes, he is.

C. She's 3 years older than me.

E. Usually by underground.

G. Yes, of course. B. No, he doesn't. D. No, I can't. F. I’d be glad to. H. Yes, I am.





1. He goes to school by_______________.

2. What ____________ do you teach, Miss White?

3. I want to be his ____________.

4. ____________ hard and be good.

5. These children are my ____________.

6. Do you have any ______________ after school?

7. He can always ____________ the work before dinner.

8. Do you always get up _______________?

9. Her home is _______________ the railway station.

10. I'd be glad to _______________ you.


( ) 1. Wang Li is ____________ years older than his sister.

A. two B. three C. four

( ) 2. Wang Li goes to school with ____________.

A. his sister B. his mother C. his classmate

( ) 3. Wang Li and his sister go to school ____________.

A. by bike B. by car C. by bus

( ) 4. Wang Li's sister finishes her homework _______________.

A. at school B. before dinner C. after dinner

( ) 5. Wang Li ____________ after school in the afternoon.

A. plays football B. practices the piano

C. plays computer games

( ) 6. Wang Li _____________ after dinner.

A. watches TV B. does his homework

C. plays football


1. Don't _______________ (worry, worried), your son will be fine soon.

2. History, maths and English are school ________________ (subjects, languages).

3. You are one year _________________ (old, older) than me.


4. Your mother _______________ (look, looks) young.

5. Where does your father _______________ (work, works)?

6. He plays the guitar __________________ (in, for) haft an hour each day.

7. You look much taller now than _______________ (before, after).

8. He can't do _____________ (good, well) in class.

9. He plays computer games too _______________ (many, much) .

10. You _______________ (should, shouldn't) read in bed.

It's bad for your eyes.



( ) 1. A. She is playing the guitar.

B. She is practicing the piano.

C. She is talking to her friend on the phone.

( ) 2. A. She is doing his homework.

B. She is tired and he is sleeping.

C. She is reading.

( ) 3. A. She goes to school at8:00.

B. She is working in her office.

C. She is going to school with her brother.

( ) 4. A. She teaches music.

B. She teaches English.

C. She is an art teacher.


( ) 5. A. The boy is handing in his homework to his teacher.

B. The boy is talking in class.

C. The boy is writing on his exercise book.

( ) 6. A. The man is watching TV.

B. The man is writing an email on the computer.

C. The man is playing a game on the computer.



1. A: ____________ is your plane leaving for Beijing? B: At a quarter to seven.

2. A: Your father looks young. _______________ is he? B: He's 46.

3. A: ____________ are you going on holiday?

B: I'm going to Hong Kong.

4. A: ____________ is your new bike?

B: It's blue.

5. A: ____________ is the boy in the jacket?

B: He's a new boy in our class. He's from Sichuan.

6. A: ____________ are you going to Panyu?

B: I will take a taxi.

7. A: ____________ pupils are there in your school?

B: There are about 1500.

8. A: ____________ is the dictionary on the desk?

B: It's Ben's, I think.

9. A: ____________ is the teddy bear?

B: 25 yuan.

10. A: ____________ would you like to eat for breakfast? B: Rice noodles, please.


九、将方框中所给句子的编号填入对话中适当的位置。 (6%


Mr. Anderson: Hello. May I speak to Mrs. Jacob?

Mrs. Jacob: Speaking. 1. ____________

Mr. Anderson: It's Roy's teacher Mr. Anderson here.

Mrs. Jacob: How are you, Mr. Anderson?

Mr. Anderson: 2. ____________, Mrs. Jacob. I'd like to talk to you about Roy.

Mrs. Jacob: 3. ____________

Mr. Anderson: He does not listen in class. Sometimes he does not hand in his homework.

Mrs. Jacob: I'm sorry, Mr. Anderson. 4. ____________

Mr. Anderson: That's fine, Mrs. Jacob. Goodbye.

Mrs. Jacob: Bye.


I go to school ____1____ my brothers. We ____2____ school at nine o'clock. We have a break ____3____ half past ten. We have lunch at school. I like eating at school. My brothers don't ____4____ school lunches. They like my mum's food. We ____5____ school at half past three. My brothers go ____6____ at four o'clock. I go home at half past five. We have ____7____ at seven o'clock. ____8____ we do our homework or watch TV. We go to bed at half past nine. I go to bed at half past ten.

( ) 1. A. with B. and C. for

( ) 2. A. have B. start C. see

( ) 3. A. in B. at C. on

( ) 4. A. cook B. make C. like

( ) 5. A. start B. finish C. go

( ) 6. A. home B. back C. there

( ) 7. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( ) 8. A. But B. So C. Then




Does Mr. Lee u____________ go to work by underground at h____________ p____________ eight?


Xiaoming n____________ has lunch in the school c____________.


That p____________ little girl ____________ for an h____________ every day.


In the afternoon he a _______ stays in the 1 and goes b_______ home very 1________ a________ school.


Are you sure Jiamin can c____________ up with his c____________?


Jessica lives in New York with his family. She has one brother. Her brother goes to work every day, but she does not. She is a student. Her parents work in her school. Her mother is an art teacher and her father is a maths teacher. Sometimes, they have lunch in the school canteen. But Jessica does not like the food there, so they usually eat at home. Her brother does not have lunch with them. He always has lunch at his work place

Jessiea's mother likes books. She often reads in the evening. Sometimes, she watches TV or goes shopping with Jessiea on Sundays. Her father works hard. He often finishes work very late in the evening. He loves sports. His favourite is table tennis, and he often plays table tennis with Jessica's brother on Sundays. Her bother's favourite thing is music. He usually gives Jessiea a CD for her birthday and Jessiea usually gives him a box of chocolate for his birthday.

1. Jessiea goes to work every day.

2. Jessiea's parents are teachers.

3. Jessiea often has lunch in the school canteen.

Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No 4. Jessica's brother never has lunch. 5. Jessica's mother loves reading. 6. Jessica's father is hard-working. 7. Jessiea's father often plays table tennis with Jessiea. 8. Jessiea usually gives her brother a CD for his birthday.


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