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Unit1 I’m making Daming’s birthday card .

1.知识目标:掌握单词card, careful, balloon和 短语 fly away; 掌握句子:Who can help me? I can./ Sorry, I can’t. I am making Daming’s birthday card. 2.技能目标:能运用“Who can help me?”向他 人求助;能口头运用I’m making Daming’s birthday card.说明自己正在做某事因此不能 做另外的事。 3. 情感目标:培养学生乐于助人的品质。

Listen to the tape and answer the questions
1、Where is Simon’s mum? 2、What is Simon doing?

3、What’s the matter with Simon’s mum?
4、Who can help mum? 5、What is happening to the balloons?

A:Who can help me? B:Where’s Lucy? C: Happy Mother’s Day! D:have a home party E:The card is falling Mum:____________________ Lily:She’s at the supermarket.She’s buying things for Mother’s Day. Mum:Am I going to _________ Lily:Yes,you are. Lucy:______They are too heavy. Lily&Mum:We can help you! Lucy:Thank you!Oh!__________ Lily:But look at the card .It says“__________”.

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