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深圳版Unit 3 A rainy weekend

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Unit 3 A Rainy Weekend


How many seasons are there in a year ?
spring summer



There are four seasons in a year. Spring is warm and wet. Summer is hot and rainy. Autumn is cool and dry. Winter is cold and dry.

What is the weather like today? How is the weather today?
The weather is … … It is … …

rainy snowy dry hot What’s the weather like? It’s _______.
What can you do on __ day?

IIcan… fly kites. I can I can make a snowman can... and ski.

What can you do on a rainy day?

Listen and answer
It’s raining now.

What can Pat and Candy do now?

Match the pictures and the phrases.

call our friends __________________
listen to music Watch a film

watch a film __________________

listen to music __________________

surf the Internet play a game play the piano call our friends

play the piano __________________

surf the Internet __________________

play a game __________________

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