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B7M1U1Lucy lives in London.

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Module 1 Unit 1 Lucy lives in London

Where does Lucy live?
Lucy Lives in London


Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park

London Eye

Big Ben

London Bridge

River Thames

Guessing game!
Where does she/he live?

He lives in China.

Where does he live?


He lives in England.

Where does he live?


Where does she live?
She lives in America.


He lives in Changsha.

Where does he live?

Where do you live?
I live in Changsha

Turn to page 2.

1.What’s Amy doing? A.She’s reading a book.

B.She’s reading a letter.


Now Let's Practise

what’s he\she doing?

What is Amy doing?

She is reading a letter.

What’s he doing?

He's writing a letter

What is he doing?

He is dancing.

What is he doing?

He is watching TV.

What is he doing?

He is playing basketball.

What is he doing?

He is singing.

What is he doing?

He is reading a book.

Let’s read letter and circle T or F

1)Amy is reading a letter. (T)
2)The letter is from Lingling.( F ) 3)The letter is from London.( T )

4)London is very hot now.( F)
5)Lucy is ten.( F) 6)It was her Birthday on Saturday.( T) 7)Zara is Lucy's new friend.( T) 8)Zara has got long ,black hair.( T )

Let’s read a letter!

1.The letter is from a daughter.( T ) 2.The letter is to a father.( T )

Homework I.read the dialogue after the tape for 20 minutes. II.Try to act the dialogue.

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