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※ 英语音标手势突破发音5

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[f] fall fight four fifty family farm fresh friend Friday from frog front fruit fly floor flag food foot forget leaf

[ph] telephone elephant photo
[‘telif?un] [‘elif?nt]

I forget to have my English book.我忘拿英语书 了 Don’t you feel a little cold? 你不觉得有点冷吗 It’ hot, take off your coat.天热了,把外套脱了 吧 What’s your telephone number? Would you like to leave your telephone number? They are my friends. You can see some flowers in front of the classroom.


very every vegetable seven eleven twelve love five give live have heavy violin visit television save value voice over of ever never even move movie expensive [mu:v] [‘mu:vi]

Leave me alone. Take her to see a movie.带她去看场电影

wash water want wall walk wait warm 【短我音】 wear winter windy


woman wood well win worry white what when where why which

I want to buy a pair of shoes.我想要买双鞋 We went hiking last weekend.我们上个周末 去郊游了。 We were in Shenzhen last week. What’s wrong with you?你怎么了? What day was it yesterday? I’m sure they will win.我相信他们一定会赢。

/d? /
【气冲舌尖 齿根音】

[j] January June July jacket just jump juice jeep job just job [g] vegetable engineer large gentleman manager [‘d?entlm?n] 例句: What’s your job? I am a hotel manager.

【气冲舌尖 齿根音】

[ch] chair chicken kitchen chocolate [‘kit?in] [’t??k?lit] China Chinese child children cheap check choose choice [t??is] [ch] March much catch teach [ t ] picture nature [‘neit??] future 例句:
Does your teacher teach you English?


tree try trip traffic straight true truth trust country street [tru?] [tru:θ] interest [‘intrist]
例句: I will try my best. How was your trip? Have a good trip. What she said is not ture.


drink driver draw dress children hundred drop dragon dream strong
What would you like to drink?你想喝点什么 I usually drive to work. 我经常开车上班。 Can you drive? 你会开车吗? Drink more hot water. 多喝热水 She likes drawing pictures.

sheep shop ship shirt shoe short should shy fish dish sugar sure Asia Mission station especially
例句: Wash the dishes. Fish is my favourite dish. Beijing is far from here, you should start early.你应该早点出发

/? /
【舌端齿根 气擦音】

usually television pleasure
[‘ju??u?li] [‘teli’vi??n] [‘ple??]


its parents lots of let’s that’s 名词复数:students hats cats 动词三单:gets eats


名词复数:birds cards friends
words woods hands 动词三单:reads

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