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一、Listen and choose. (听音选出你所听到的单词或词组)

( )1. A. lake B. ice cream C. cat ( )2. A. list B. best C. last ( )3. A. click B. speak C. stick ( )4. A. cheese B. please C.these ( )5. A. shop B. stop C. soap ( )6. A. on the computer B. of course C.on the list ( )7. A. in the park B. go shopping C. do the homework ( )8. A. a little boy B. a little black cat C. a black cat

二、听音选择, 选出购物单上所列的东西,并在相应的括号中打√号。1. a cake( ) 2. ten eggs( )

3. a kilo of rice( ) 4.half a kilo of noodles( ) 5. a watermelon ( ) 6. half a kilo of cheese( ) 7. five bananas( ) 8. an ice cream ( ) 9. six pears( ) 10. apple juice( ) 三、Listen and choose the answer.(听音选择正确的答案)

( )1. A. in the bank B. in a shop C. at school ( )2. A. 40 years old B. 50 years old C. 45 years old

( )3. A. the long one B. the short one C. the small one

( )4. A. a football B. a T-shirt C. we don’t know


a) How much is it going to cost? b) How many bananas do you want? c) How much cheese do you want? d) Shopping? On the computer? e) When will these things come? 五、Listen and tick (听音打√)



1. on the computer.___________ 2. 当然___________ 3. click on the bananas______________ 4. 半公斤_______________ 5.one hundred and ten pounds____________ 6. 五块蛋糕___________ 7. make a list___________ 8. 在清单上_____________ 9. in the dark night sky_______________

二、请选出划线部分与其他两个读音不同的单词来, 将序号写在提前的括号里 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 六、请选出有误的选项

( A B C ( A B C

( A B C

( A B C


1. What can I do for you ? a. I want to buy a cap. 2. What do you usually eat ? b. I like rice and apples.

3. What do you want ? c. I’d like some pears. 4. Anything else? d Some bananas. 5. How much are they? e Three kilos 6. How many kilos? f. Thirty yuan 八、请用How many ,How much填空

1.________mangoes do you want?

2.________slides are there in the playground? 3.________eggs do you want? 4.________rice do you want? 5.________water is there in the glass? 6.________cheese do you want? 7.________bananas do you want?

8.________watermelons are there in the room?

九、用There is, There are, There was , There were 描述一下你周围的东西。不少于五句



一、1.ice cream 2. best 3. click 4. cheese 5. stop

6. of course 7. go shopping 8. a little black bat

二、A: What are we going to take on our picnic?

B: Let’s make a list .

A: What about cakes ?

B: Yes , a cake.

A: How much cheese do you want?

B: Half a kilo .

A: How many bananas do you want?

B: Five

三、1. Where can I buy things?

2. __When were you born ?

__I was born in 1953.

Question: How old am I ?

3. __Look , the panda is so lovely.

__Yes , but I like the smaller one better.

Question: Which one I like better?

4. __Can I help you ,sir?

__Yes , I want to buy a football for my son.

Question: What does the man want to buy?

四、1. A: What are you doing ? B: I’m shopping.

2. A: Click on the bananas , please. B: Type “6”

3. A: How will you pay? B: With my card. They will come tomorrow.

4. A: How much is it going to cost? B: One hundred and ten pounds.

5. A: Click on the cheese, please. B: Half a kilo.

五、1.___Sam , what do you want to buy?

___I want some cakes and ice cream.

2.___ How many apples do you want , Amy?

___ Two , please.And I want some cheese.

3. ___Lingling , come and have some ice cream.

___Oh, very nice , Please give me some cake.

4. ___What can I do for you , Daming?

___ I want an apple and cheese.

5. ___Mike , do you like watermelons?

___ Yes ,I like them.

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