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2013-2014学年下学期期中考试四年级英语试题 听力选择(共15小题, 计15分)

I. Listen to the sentences and choose the ones which have the similar meanings. Each sentence will be read twice. 听句子,选出与你所听到的句子相同或相近的选项。每个句子读两遍。

( )1. A. Chinese is as useful as math.

B. Chinese is more useful than math.

C. Chinese is not so useful as math.

D. Chinese and math are not useful enough.

( ) 2. A. David and Bob don't finish his homework.

B. David and Bob have finished his homework.

C. David and Bob can finish their homework.

D. David has to finish their homework, so does Bob.

( ) 3. A. The train will leave the train station in half an hour.

B. The train will get to the station in thirty minutes.

C. The train has been at the train station for half an hour.

D. The train got to the station half an hour ago.

( ) 4. A. The cat's ears are black.

B. The cat's legs are black.

C. The cat is white.

D. The cat is black and white.

( ) 5. A. He has bought a book for me.

B. He has paid for a book.

C. He has returned the book to me.

D. He has given me a book.

II. Listen to the sentences and choose the correct answer. Each sentence will be read only once. 听句子,选择正确的答语。每个句子只读一遍。

( ) 6. A. I did my homework. B. I was washing the clothes.

C. I was hungry and tired. D. I am doing some cleaning.

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