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I. Read and write. 写出下列字母的邻居.

Dd Hh Kk

Pp Tt Yy

II. Read and choose. 选择填空。

( ) 1. I’d like A. Car 15 B. 17 car C. car 11

( ) 2. is that boy? ---He is my brother.

A. What B. Who C. Where

( ) 3. How many can you see?

A. birds B. kite C. an elephant

( ) 4. is the car? ---It’s in the desk.

A. What B. Who C. Where

( ) 5. She A. have B. has C. am

( ) 6. Is it under the chair? ---________

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, it is. C. No, it is.

III. Read and match. 找出左栏中句子正确答语,并将其序号填到前面的括号内。

( ) 1. Where are you from? A. He’s m brother.

( ) 2. Who’s this boy? B. I’m from Canada..

( ) 3. How many pencils do you have? C. Yes, I do.

( ) 4. Do you like apples? D. I have eleven.

( ) 5. Can I use your ruler? E. It’s in the desk.

( ) 6. Where is my cap? F. Here you are.

IV. Read and choose. 从方框中选择合适的单词补全下面的对话,将其序号填在横线上。

A: ,Amy.

B: Thank you,A: Guess!

B: A book?

A: No.


Some chocolates?

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