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A man finds a good bird in a shop . It can talk in twelve languags and sing ten famous songs . The man buys it at once ( 马上). He pays 50,000 yuan for it . He sends it to his mother. It’s a present for her birthday .The day after his birthday , he talks to his mother on phone . “What do you think of the bird , mother ?” he asks . “Oh , it’s very nice to eat . Thank you , son!”

( )1、Where does the man find the bird ?

A、In a restaurant B、In a shop C、At home

( )2、How much is the bird ?

A、5000 yuan . B、50,000 dollars .C、50000 yuan

( )3、How many languages can the bird speak ?

A、Twelve B、Ten C、50,000 .

( )4、What happens to the bird ?

A、It talks to his mother in twelve languages. B、It sings ten songs for his mother. C、His mother eats the bird .

( )5、What do you think the man feel ?

A、He’s happy B、He’s tall C、He’s sad


Jim wants to borrow a book from the library. He comes to the library with Jack. They can?t see any assistant in it, but only some robots standing there. Then Jim says to the robot.“Hey, give me the book.”But the robot doesn?t work. Then jack tells him. “You must say?please?first when you want to borrow something from him”. So does Jim. The robot brings the book. But this time Jim can?t tak the book out of the robot?s hand. Jack tells him again.“You must say?Thank you?before you take the book”. So Jim says“Oh, thank you very much, Mr robot.” The robot smiles(微笑) and gives the book to him.

根据短文判断正误  

1、Jim with Jack goes to a library to borrow some books.  

2、They can see some robot assistants in the shop.  

3、You don’t say“please”.The robot doesn’t work.  

4、The robot brings the book when Jim says.“Thank you”to the robot.  5、The robot can smile.


There are four hats. They are red, yellow, green and white. They are Mike’s, Bill’s, Tom’s and John’s. Tom’s hat is not yellow, green or red. John’s hat is not green. And Mike’s hat is not yellow or green. What colour are their hats?


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