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牛津版4B Unit9 Breakfast PartBC教学课件ppt

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Unit 9 Breakfast
( B&C )

Green tea
Green tea, green tea.

It is for me.
In the cupboard, I see.

But where’s the key?

a cupboard

Where’s …? It’s …

a fork

a plate

a sp o __ on



Western food

How to place these things?

left hand 左手

middle 中间

right hand 右手

a bowl

a bowl of rice

chop stick
/?/ /?/

chopsticks / ? / /?/

They’re chopsticks.

Be a future teller:成为小小预言家

A: Where are the chopsticks? B: They’re in/ on/ near the…

A: Where are the chopsticks? B: They’re on the plate.


A: Where’s the knife? B: It’s on the sofa.

A: Where’s the glass? B: It’s on the bed.

A: Where’s the spoon? B: It’s in the pencil case.

A: Where’s the cup? B: It’s on the desk.

A: Where are the chopsticks? B: They’re in the school bag.

A: Where are the bottles? B: They’re in the cupboard.

Try to choose. 1.Where’s the bread? A. It’s on the plate . B. It’s in the bowl. 2.Where’s the plate? A. It’s in the cupboard. B. It’s in the fridge. 3.Where’s the rice? B. It’s in the bowl. A. It’s on the plate. 4.Where are the chopsticks? A. It’s near the spoon. B. They’re near the spoon.

Mr Where
L-Lanyangyang X-Xiyangyang
L: Oh, no bread. Some rice, please. L: I’m hungry. Where’s my breakfast? Xiyangyang, where’s the rice? X: It’s in the bowl. L: Bread, bread. Where’s the bread? L: Oh, where are the chopsticks? X: They’re the spoon. Where’s the bread? Hey,near Xiyangyang. L: Oh, Chopsticks, rice, yummy, yummy, yummy. X: It’s on the plate.

L: Where’s the plate? L: Hey, Xiyangyang, where’s…? Where’s…? X: It’s in the cupboard.
Where’s…? X: Er, Mr Where!

Writing time:
L: Where’s/Where are the/my …? X: It’s/They’re …
1. 2.

L: ____________
X: ____________

L: ____________

X: ____________

Remember: 请记住……
Dear children, please put the things in the right place. Or you will be called “Mr Where”! (^__^) 亲爱的孩子们,请记得把物品放在合适的 地方哦!不然你也要被叫做“Mr Where” 啦!

1. Copy Part B four times. 2. Finish Part C.

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