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(人教PEP)五年级英语下册 Unit4 What are you doing A Let’s talk课件

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Unit 4What are you doing?

Spell game

n , g , i , r , a , w , d,
s,a,e,r,n,i ,g,w,n

d , r , a, e , g , n , i
k,o,c,o,g, i,n i,g,o,n,d s,h,i,d,s,e

do doing cook cooking wash washing clean cleaning listen listening write writing take taking
swim swimming run running

Hello ! This is Garfield. Can I speak to Doraemon?

Sure . He is . Please hold on .

I’m Doraemon. What are you doing?

I’m drawing pictures.

What are you doing?

I’m eating breakfast.

Make a dialouge: A: Hello ! It’s … B: Hi ! This is … What are you doing ? A: I’m …What are you doing ? B: I’m… A: See you later.

What is he doing?

He is reading newspaper.

He is listening to music.

playing computer games

playing football

Describe the pictures.
教师出示图片,请同学们运用所学知识进 行描述,并将句子写下来


father sister brother

cool boots goose school

soup group coup

train tree try trek

twelve twist twenty twin

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