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( )1、A、cool B、good C、football D、cook

( )2、A、also B、ask C、afternoon D、dance

( )3、A、far B、park C、warm D、basket

( )4、A、sweater B、 weather C、season D、breakfast

( )5、A、dear B. bear C. here D. nearby

( )6、A、cloudy B、house C、young D、shout

( )7、A、spring B、new C、rainy D、winter

( )8、A、often B、most C、clothes D、photo

( )9、A、summer B、fun C、true D、jump

( )10、A、for B、work C、short D、sports


1、聊天 2、善长跑步 3、跳得比我高

4、去划船 5、在冬季 6、去散步

7、和---一样远 8、到达购物中心 9、在我的左边

10、堆雪人 11、the fat man behind me 12 jog to school


1、Ben (run) (fast)than some of the boys in his class.

2、 Nancy swim (slow)than Helen?

3、Fangfang is not as (tall )as the other girls .

4、My eyes are (big )than (she )?

5、Which is (heavy ),the elephant or the pig ?

6、You can take bus No. 1 and get off at (two )stop ?

7、How can I (get )No2. Middle School ?

8、Sam is (do)better in (skate )than Mike .

9、 it often in spring in Nanjing ? Yes ,it’s often (rain).

10、Last weekend my parents (go )to visit my grandparents.


( )1、What’s the weather like today? .

A、It’s fine . B、Yes ,it’s a very nice day . C、Yes, it’s warm today . D、No, it’s cold .

( )2、The the tree red .

A、apple on ;turn B、apples on ;turn C、apples in ;turn D、apple in ;turn

( )3、The grass yellow in .

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/


A、get ,spring B、get ,autumn C、turns ,autumn D、turn ,autumn

( )4、Whose school bag is heavier , ?

A、your ,my B、yours ,mine C、your ,his D、yours ,her

( )5、The middle school is about two kilometres here.

A、far from B、far away from C、away D、away from

( )6、You are good at kites. Can you make one me ?

A、make ,for B、making ,for C、to make ,to D、makes ,to

( )7、Your father and your mother young .

A、looks both B、both looks C、both look D、look both

( 8)、Rose is taller than ,but I’m stronger than .

A、me ,her B、I ,she C、me ,him D、her ,him

( )9、My eyes than .

A、are bigger ,hers B、is bigger ,his C、are bigger ,her D、are smaller ,her

( )10、 good friends ,and we often help each other.

A、We all are B、All we are C、All are we D、We are all

五、句子匹配 (10%)

( )1、What’s the weather like in autumn ? A 、No ,I can’t .

( )2、What are you going to do this weekend ? B、They are girls .

( )3、Are you a bus driver ? C、 I don’t know .

( )4、Where’s David’s bike ? D、She is my friend .

( )5、Are they American or English ? E、It’s a map of China .

( )6、How old is your uncle ? F、They are American .

( )7、Are the twins boys or girls ? G、Yes ,I am .

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

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