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( )1. A. point B. bike C. pine

( )2. A. tall B. toy C. dive

( )3. A. day B. cat C. date

( )4. A. coke B. dog C. not

( )5. A. than B. this C. thank


( )1. A. old B. young C. age

( )2. A. shorter B. taller C. old

( )3. A. centimeter B. kilogram C. kilometer

( )4. A. brother B. sister C. teacher

( )5. A. little B. brown C. yellow


My name is Sarah. I am 14 years old. I am 161 cm and 40 kg. I _______ a new friend. ______ name is Chen Jie. She is 13 years old. She is one year ______ than me. How _____ is Chen Jie? I am 1 kg heavier ______ her. How ______ is she? And Chen Jie is 160 cm ______. She is ______ than me. Chen Jie ______ long hair. But my hair is _______ than hers.


1. Tom is ________(tall) than Amy. But he is ________(young) than her.

2.六年级下册英语第一单元测试题:Who is ________(strong), Zhang Peng or Mike?

3. The desk is 150 cm ________(long).

4. Wu Yifan runs ________(fast) than Zhang Peng.


( )1. Who is younger than you?

( )2. How heavy are you?

( )3 Which book do you like?

( )4. How tall are you?

( )5. How old are you?

A. I’m thirteen years old.

B. I’m 35 kg.

C. I like the big one.

D. John.

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E. I’m 141 cm tall.

六、根据所给的标点符号连词成句, 注意大小写(10%)

1. are, tall, you, how

2. tall, cm, am, 145, I

3. me, you, shorter, than, stronger, are, and

4. Monkey, only, tall, is, little, the, cm, 40

5. you, is, than, who, taller


Name Age Height (cm)

Zhang Peng 13 171

John 14 155

Mr Lee 31 169

1. Line up from taller to shorter. ______________ ______________ ______________

2. Line up from younger to older ______________ ______________ ______________

3. Zhang Peng

is 171cm. He is _____________ than Mr Lee.

4. John is _________ cm shorter than Zhang Peng.

5. John is fourteen. He is __________ than Zhang Peng, but he is __________ than Mr Lee.



My name’s Wu Yifan. I’m 13 years old. I’m in Class 2, Grade 6. I have many good friends. John is my best friend. He is 1 year younger than me, but he is 2 years older than Amy. He’s 141cm tall. He’s 5cm shorter than me. He’s 10cm taller than Amy. We like playing computer games. And we often play computer games and watch TV on the weekends. But this weekend we are going to have a picnic in the park. 根据短文的内容, 判断下列各句话的正误,正确的写T, 错误的写F(5%)

1. Wu Yifan is in Class Six, Grade Two. ( )

2. Amy is 10 years old. ( )

3. Wu Yifan is 131 cm tall. ( )

4. They like having a picnic. ( )

5. They’re going to have a picnic this weekend. ( )


Dad: Which monkey do you like, Ben?

Ben: I like the yellow one. Look, it’s taller than the brown one.

Dad: Which monkey is stronger?

Ben: The brown monkey is stronger. But the yellow monkey is taller.

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/


Dad: I like the little monkey. It’s younger and funnier.

Ben: How long is its tail?

Dad: I think the little monkey is only 40 cm tall. Its tail is about 30 cm long. Ben: I think the yellow monkey is 150 cm tall.

Dad: The yellow monkey is taller but the little monkey is funnier.


( )1. Which monkey does Ben like?

A. The brown one B. The yellow one C. The yellow one and the brown one

( )2. Which monkey is funnier?

A. The brown one B. The yellow one C. The yellow one and the brown one

( )3. How long is the little monkey’s tail?

A. 40 cm B. 150 cm C. 30 cm

( )4. How tall is the little monkey?

A. 40 cm B. 150 cm C. 30 cm

( )5. Where are Ben and Dad now?

A. In the zoo B. In the park C. In the school


资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

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