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(人教PEP)五年级英语下册 Unit4 教学课件

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Let’s do!

Q1:What is Zhang Peng doing? Q2:What is John doing?

Where do they want to go? What time? A. The Children’s Center. 10:30. B. The park.

Children’s Center

Let’s play Bingo!

flying kites

Make a new dialog

A: Hello. What are you doing? B: I’m ____________.What are you doing? A: I’m ____________. Do you want to go to the_____? B: Sure. Let’s go!

Answer the questions.

1.What is Zhang Peng doing?

2.What is John doing?

1.Listen and read the dialog. 2.Activity Book P35 5

3.Make a phone call with your friend and try to write down the dialog.

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