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1. People in the north often go skating in winter. (next winter)

2. There are two cinemas in that town. (next year)

3. He comes back late.(in two days)

4. She is a conductor of a train.(soon)

5. Li Ming is ten years old.(next year)

6. I sometimes write to my mother in the evening.(tonight)

7. He went there by plane.(some day next year)

8. China is a modern and strong country.(in twenty years)

9. Do you study hard?(from now on)

10. She didn’t speak English at the meeting.(before long)


1. I ______(leave)in a minute. I ______(finish)all my work before I ______ (leave).

2. —How long _____ you _____(study)in our country?

—I _____(plan)to be here for about one more year.

—I _____(hope)to visit the other parts of your country.

—What ______ you ______(do)after you ______(leave)here?

—I ______(return)home and ______(get)a job.

3. I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight.

4. Mary’s birthday is next Monday, her mother _____(give)her a present.

5. It is very cold these days. It ______(snow)soon.

6. —_____ you _____(be)here this Saturday?

—No. I ______(visit)my teacher.

7. —______ I ______(get)you a copy of today’s newspaper?

—Thank you.

8. I am afraid there ______(be)a meeting this afternoon. I can’t join you.

9. Mike ______(believe, not)this until he ______(see)it with his own eyes.

10. Most of us don’t think their team ______(win).



1. People in the north will go skating next winter.

2. There will be two cinemas in that town next year.

3. He will come back late in two days.

4. She will be a conductor of a train soon.

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5. Li Ming will be ten years old next year.

6. I will write to my mother tonight.

7. He will go there by plane some day next year.

8. China will be a modern and strong country in twenty years.

9. Will you study hard from now on?

10. She won’t speak English at the meeting before long.


1. am leaving ; will finish ; leave

2. will ; study ; plan ; hope ; will ; do ; leave ; will return ; get

3. am ; will

4. will give

5. will snow

6. Will , be ; will visit

7. Shall ; get

8. will be

9. won’t believe ; sees

10. will win

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

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