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一、选词填空 took, was, played, were, wore, went, drank In my dream, I ___1____ to the sun on my holiday. I went there by a spaceship. I ____2____ a big blue spaceship. I ____3___ a super shirt. I ____4____ with my friends there. All the things ___5____ red. I ___6___ a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. It ___7____ a good holiday for my on the sun.

答案:(1, went 2, took 3, wore 4, played 5, were 6, drank 7, was)


1. Here is your drink _____. A. OK B. Thank you C. That’s all right.

2. It’s going to _____ hot in Hainan Island. A. is B. are C. be

3. Hold ____ to the balloons, they are flying ____ A. in, away B. on, to C. on , away

4. I ____ speak any English at all. A. can B. could C. can’t

5. My mum usually _____ to work at 8 o’clock. A. goes B. go C. went

6. What’s ____ matter? A a B . an C. the ]

7. I didn’t ____”cups” I ____ “caps” A. say, say B. said, said C. say, said

8. He saw his father _____ space and he was very proud ____ him. A. in, in B. in, of C into, in

9. She _____ to middle school this September. A. went B. is going to go C. go

10. I bought a book ____ you. A. for B. to C. in

答案:1—5 BCACA 6—10 CCBBA


1,shine (现在分词) 2, child(复数) 3, try(第三人称单数) 4, watch(第三人称单数) 5, can not(缩写形式) 6, sun (形容词) 7, make(过去式) 8, say(过去式) 9, clap(现在分词) 10, hot (反义词)

答案:1, shining 2, children 3, tries 4, watches 5, can’t 6, sunny 7, made 8, said 9, clapping 10, cold


1. Last week he goes / went to his grandma’s home.

2. I watch / am watching TV now.

3. In 2003, it take / took China’s first person into space. 4. They sent a / an email to us yesterday. 5. We will have / had a picnic next weekend. 答案:1, went 2, am watching 3, took 4, an 5, have


1. When did Shenzhou V fly into space? A. About 21 hours.

2. Who was China’s first man in space? B. Very famous.

3. How many hours was he in space? C. Liaoning.

4. What is Yang Liwei now? D. To go to space.


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