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时间 40 分钟 姓名 等级

第一部分 听力 40%


( ) 1. A. children B.chicken C.kitchen

( ) 2. A. student B.driver C.teacher

( ) 3. A.come B.computer C.computer game

( ) 4. A.cinema B.light C.library

( ) 5.A.phone B.telephone C.photo


( )1. Is it big and beautiful?

( ) 2.Hello , Sam. What did you do at the weekend?

( )3. I went to visit the West Lake.

( )4. I visited my grandparents. What about you ?

( )5. Yes, it is very nice.


( )1.The phone is from____to______. A.Lucy,Jack B.Jack,Lucy C.Jack,Jane

( )2.Where is Jack's dad? A.At home B.At schoo C.At the bookstore

( )3.Where is Jack's mum? A.In the park B.In the garden C.At school

( )4.What is Jack's mother doing? A.Driking water B.Drinking tea C.Drinking coffee

( )5.What does Jack's dad want to buy? A.Bikes B.Books C.Kites


( )1. Mike is going to the supermarket.

( )2.Simon is going to buy some noodles for his travel.

( )3. Mike is going to Beijing.

( )4. Mike went to Shenzhen last summer holiday.

( )5. Mike and Simon are friends.

第二部分 笔试(60%)


A.What B.What colour C.How much D.Who E.When F.Whose

1.______is the bag?Twenty yuan.

2.______is that woman?Miss Tang.

3.______is the sofa ?It's black and white.

4.______will you come back?A quarter to ten.

5.______do you need ?Ineed some sweets.

6._____T-shirt is this?It's my brother.


( )1.Will you take your kite? A.No,we won’t. B. No,we willn’t.

( )2.What is he doing ? A.He is singing. B.She is swimming.

( )3.Do pandas like bananas? A.No, they don’t. B . Yes, they do.

( )4.Are you going to go shopping? A .Ok, let’s go. B.No,I don’t. ( )5.How much is it? A . It is thirteen yuan . B .They are fifty.

( )6.Where is your mother? A . She is at home. B . He is at home.



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