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最新PEP小学英语四年级下册复习一Recyle one

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Do you have a…? Yes,we do. Where is it? It’s on the… floor.
Second floor teachers’ office computer room art room library

first floor


music room



What time is it? It’s … a.m. (上午)/p.m. (下午). It’s time for(+名词) / to (+动词) ….

? What time did the show(秀\展览) begin? At 4 o’clock. ? What time did they go? At 3:40. ? What’s the weather like outside? Is it cold? It’s cold and windy outside. ? Does she have a jacket (夹克衫)? Yes, she does. ? Where’s the library? It’s on the first floor. ? Can they see the show? Why? No, they can’t. Because the show has been cancelled.

er 读 /ε/ reporter waiter water tiger sister computer dinner

leader player

ir读 /ε:/ girl bird shirt thirteen thirty third birth birthday dirty sir skirt

ur读/ε:/ nurse hamburger turn murder disturb furniture burn church hurt purple purse return Thursday

ar读/a:/ car farm dark mark park smart large bar garden hard far Mars art part cart farther bark sharp march

al读 /?:/

fall all small call, chalk, talk, walk

Choose a city and make dialouges with your partner.(选一个城市和伙伴练习做对话)
A: Hello,…! This is …. B: Hi,…! What’s the weather like in…? A: It’s …in…. How about …? cold and cloudy

cool and windy

sunny and hot

B: It’s …in….
A:Is it cold/hot/warm/cool? B: Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. It’s ….

cold and sunny

cool and rainy

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