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时间 40 分钟 姓名 等级



1.sandwich hamburger 2.cola milk 3.ball balloon 4.team card

5.space duck 6.loudly stop 7.mess dollar 8.doorbell ring

9.cent baseball 10.careful wrong


( )1.What do you want?

A. I want a hot dog. B.I want a hamburger.

( ) 2. When are we going to eat?

A. We are going to eat at 10’0 clock. B. We are going to eat at 5’0 clock.

( ) 3. Where is your father from? A. He’s from London. B. He’s from America.

( ) 4. Who can help me? A. I can help you. B. Sorry, I can’t.


1. He’s eating dinner, but_______. A. a car is coming .

2. He’s starting to cross, but________. B. the doorbell is ringing.

3.She’s talking to her friend, but_____. C. her mother is calling.

4. She’s playing, but_______. D. the phone is ringing.



1. A: May I come in? B: ___________. a. Come in, please. b. No come in.

2. A: What date is it today? B: _________. a. It’s a fine day. b. It’s Monday.

3. A: I bought you this book. B: _________.

a. Thank you. It looks interesting. b. Ok. It’s right.

4. A: Who gave it to you? B: _________. a. I gave him. b. Simon’s family gave it to me.

5. A: How are you? B: ____________. a. I’m fine. Thank you. b. I’m sorry.

6. A: In this photo, the sun is _______. a. shine. b. shining.


1. ( ) What’s the weather like here in winter? A. They are singing.

2. ( ) Who can help me? B. It’s twelve 0’clock.

3. ( ) How much is the hamburger? C. Not very cold.

4. ( ) What are the men doing? D. Let me help you.

5. ( ) What time is it? E. It’s ten dollars and five cents.


Today is Amy’s birthday, she is ten. We have got fish, sandwich, birthday’s cake, cola,

hamburgers and many fruit. We can eat cake first. We are singing and dancing. We are very happy.

( ) 1. Today is Christmas Day.

( ) 2. Amy is ten.

( ) 3. We can eat sweets.

( ) 4. We aren’t singing.

( ) 5. We are very happy.

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