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一. 用动词的正确形式填空。

1. Ben _______(like) the little monkey. 2.I ______(like) riding a bike.

3.My mother usually_______(wash) the clothes on the weekend.

4.I _________(listen) to music now. 5.We ___________(play) the piano tomorrow. 6.He _______(have) a sore throat.

7.I ________(have) a bad cold. 8.Her head ________(hurt)

9.Mike ______(feel) sad. 10.My siser________(cook) noodies yesterday. 11.You________(look) happy today. 12.I_______(go) fishing last week. 13.She ________(read) a magazine yesterday.

14.Did Pete________(do) his homework with Tom?



( diving, near, taking, eyes, tall, actress, listening, teaches, buys, foot, walks, far, Canada, teach)

Tom and Sarah are my new classmates. Sarah comes fron England. She is actice and kind. She has two big______. She lives______the school, so she always goes to school on______. She likes______pictures. She wants to be an______in the future. Tom comes from______, he is very______. He is 175cm. Tom likes______and_____to music. He oftem_______us English after class. I like to play with them.

三. 补充对话

Miss White: Hello! This is Miss White.__________________________ Mike: Hi! It’s Mike.

Miss White: How do you feel , Mike?


Miss White: What’s the matter with you?


Miss White:___________________________________

Mike:Yes,I have a headache, too. I think I can’t go to school today.

Miss White: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Take some medicine and drink hot drinks. You will fell better soon.


四. 根据答句写问句.

1. A:_______________________________________?

B:Jack is heavier than Tom.

2. A:________________________________________?

B:I’m 52kg.



B: I like the black dog.

4. A:___________________________________________?

B:The tree is 159cm.

5. A:___________________________________________?

B:No.Tom has a high fever.

6. A:____________________________________________?

B:Ann feels so excited today.

7. A:____________________________________________?

B:Zhang Peng has a sore nose.

8. A:______________________________________________?

B:Amy often reads newspapers every day.

9. A:_______________________________________________?

B:Yes,Mary often helps her mother do housework on the weekend.

10. A:______________________________________________?

B:Nick is playing football now.

11. A:_______________________________________________?

B:No,I am sweeping the floor now.

12. A:_______________________________________________?

B:He is going to visit his grandparents this week.

13. A:______________________________________________?

B:Yes, they are going to the bookstoe.

14. A:____________________________________________?

B:I am going to Beijing by train.

15. A:_____________________________________________?

B:We are going to Hong Kong next week.

16. A:_____________________________________________?

B:Chen Jie washed the clothes last weekend.

17. A:_____________________________________________?

B:Yes, Mike read books on the weekend.

18. A:__________________________________________?

B:No,Wu Yifan went to a park yesterday.

五. 写作:



2. 可以展开合理的想象。



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