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最新PEP小学英语四年级下册第三单元U3 weather read and write

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Unit 3

Part B Read and write


Singapore cool and windy hot and sunny cold and rainy cold and cloudy warm and sunny


cold and snowy London

Can you act it out?

Choose a city and make dialouges with your partner.(选一个城市和伙伴练习做对话)
A: Hello,…! This is …. B: Hi,…! What’s the weather like in…? A: It’s …in…. How about …?

B: It’s …in….
A:Is it cold/hot/warm/cool? B: Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. It’s ….

Look at the animal. Where is it from? It’s from Sydney, Australia.

So, maybe It’s a letter from Sydney, Australia.

It’s a letter from John’s father to Jonh.

Read the story and answer questions:
? Where is Zoom? And where is Zip?
? Is Zip OK? What happened? ? What’s the weather like in Beijing? ? What’s the weather like in Dalian?

(1)Listen to and repeat “read and write”. (2)Talk about the weather with your partners in English .

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