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( )1. A. summer B . sunny C . winter ( )2.. A swim B .swimming C . sleep ( )3.. A cool B . cold C .coat

( )4. A when B .where C what. ( )5. A Day B . day C . date ( )6. A . July B . June C . May ( )7.. A . twelve B . twelfth C . twentieth ( )8.. A . first B . second C . third ( )9. A . card B . chart C . car ( )10. A 6:15. B . 6:50 C . 6:40


1. 2. 3. 4.

( ) ( ) ( ) (


( )5. Mike can swim.

( )6. It’s winter now.

( )7. I often do sports on the weekend.

( )8. It’s a fine day.

( )9. I usually have lunch at school.

( )10. There are three birthdays in October.


( )1. A. I like apples. B. I like winter.

C. I like June.

( )2. A. It’s windy. B. It’s in winter.

C. It’s winter.

( )3. A. Yes, it is. B. No, it doesn’t.

C. No, they are.

( )4. A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s April 22nd. C. It’s sunny.

( )5. A.Yes,I do. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, he is.

四、根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整. (每空只填一词) (10分)

1. ____________ is from _____________ to May?

2. They often___________ ______________ on the weekend.

3. __________ season do you like ___________ ?

4. Why do you like summer? __________ I can _________ .

5. _______I go hiking ._________I climb mountains .

五、 根据你在录音中听到的内容判断句子的对错,相符的在相应题号下的括号内打“√” , 不相符的打“×”。(10分)

( ) 1. Jim is from England.

( ) 2. Jim is a student.

( )3.Jim plays sports on the weekend.

( ) 4. spring is Jim’s favourite season.

( )5. Jim usually goes hiking on Sept.2nd.



A: Excuse me. Can I ask you some questions?

B: Sure.

A: _____________________________________?

B: I am a doctor.

A: _________________________________________?

B: I go to work at 8:30 in the morning.

A: __________________________________________?

B: I go home at 5:00 in the afternoon.

A: ____________________________________________________?

B: I often play sports after work.

A: __________________________.

B: You’re welcome.


Hey, friends! Let me tell you something about the months and seasons. In Beijing, it’s spring from March to May. Summer is from June to August. Fall is September to November. Winter is December to February the next year. But, in Sydney, it’s spring from September to November. Summer is from December to February the next year. Fall is from March to May. Winter is from June to August. If you are planning a trip, look at a map first and remember that It may not be the same season where you’re going.

( )1. When is winter in Beijing, it’s ______ in Sydney.

A. Spring B. Summer


)2. Sydney is a city of ______________.

A. China B. Australia.

( )3. In China, winter is December to ___________ the next year.

A. March B. February

( )4. In Sydney, spring is from ___________ to November.

A. September B. June

( )5. If you are planning a trip, looking at a _________ first.

A. season B. map


( on, cake, with, happy, Saturday, 1st , birthday, eat, go, friends, goes, May, and )

Today is_________. It’s June_______. Oh! Today is my _____________.

________my birthday, I often________ ice-cream and birthday_________. I

usually_________hiking__________my___________. I get many presents from them(他们). I’m very________today.



B: I often do my housework at 7:10 in the morning.


B: I often go shopping on mom’s birthday.


B: No, Tree-planting Day is Mar. 12th.


B: I like spring best. Because I can plant flowers.


B: No, I don’t like winter. It’s too cold for me.

十、看图,以“My day ”为题,写一篇短文。(10分)



1.What’s the weather like today? It’s sunny.

2.I like swimming best.

3.I can wear my new coat in winter.

4.Where do you eat dinner? I eat dinner at home.

5.What date is it today?

6.When is your birthday? My birthday is in July.

7.Today is April 12th.

8.Children’s Day is on June 1st.

9.What are you doing? I’m making a birthday card.

10.When do you eat breakfast? At 6:50.

(B B C B C A B A A B)


1. It’s January. It’s winter now.

2.I like winter best. Because I like skiing.

3. It’s 2:00. I have English class.

4. Today is Children’s Day.

5.Mike likes summer best. It’s very hot and he can go swimming.

6.Today is Tree Planting Day..

7.I often play foot ball on the weekend.

8.It’s cold today.

9.I usually have lunch with my parents at home.

10.My birthday is in October. My father and mother’s birthday are in October, too.



1.What’s your favourite month?

2.What’s the weather like in winter?

3.Is it sunny today?

4.What date is it?

5.Do you have an English book?(C A A B A )

四、根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整. (每空只填一词) (10分)

5. 6. 7. 8.

五、 根据你在录音中听到的内容判断句子的对错,相符的在相应题号下的括号内打“√” , 不相符的打“×”。(10分)

Hello! I’m Jim. I’m an English boy. I’m 11 years old. I often get up at 6:00 am. Then I go to school. I have lunch at 12:00a.m. In the afternoon, I play sports for two hours. I go back home at 5:00.p.m. On the weekend, I usually play chess with my friends. I like fall best. Because my birthday is in fall. It’s Sept. 2nd. I usually go hiking with my parents on that day.( √√××√)

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