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A. What,/ B. What, be C. How, be D. How,/ ( )15. The old man had many predictions. And they always ______.

A. happened B. made sure C. came true D. stayed ( )16.They will come back ___ ten minutes.

A. in B. after C. / D. during

( )17.Students will study at home compupter ten years. 班级: 学号: 姓名: 总分: 2012年3月9日


( )1.The boy was able to himself when he was very young.

A. dress

B. wear

C. put on

D. wear on

( )2.—How many birds can you see over there?—I can see ____ birds.

?? A. hundred of B. two hundreds of C. two hundred of D. hundreds of ??( )3. —Where is mom now?—I’m not sure. She ______ be in the sitting-room.

?A. shall

B. may

C. need D. must

??( )4.I can’t believe ____ little girls can read ____ many books. ? A. such, so B. such, such C. so, such D. so, so ?( )5. Are you _________ your winter holiday next week? ?? A. going to have B. will have C. had D. have

?( )6. We ____ some robots in the next few months, and there ____ some in the office, too. ?? A. will have, will have B. have, will have C. will have, will be D. have, will be 封( )7. ---Will there be more pollution? ---________.

?? A. Yes, there won’t B. No, there will C. Yes, there will D. No, there aren’t ?( )8. I’ll live _______ a space station.

??A. in B. on C. at D. to

?( )9. Everyone wants to ____ to the moon for vacations.

??A. walk B. take C. fly D. Run

?( )10. I think people here are friendly. Do you ____me?

??A. agree to B. agree with C. hear from D. hear of ?( )11.People can live ______150 years old.

??A. to last B. to reach C. to be D. to become ?( )12.I hope we will have ______people and ________pollution.

密?A. fewer, less B. fewer, fewer C. less, less D. less, fewer

?( )13.Last Sunday I went to the park .I saw a pretty girl and I _____love ____her.

??A. fell in, with B. felt in, with C. fell in, to D. felt in, to ?( )14._____will the weather ___like tomorrow? ?

???? A.at, after B.on, in C.with, in D.on, behind ( )18.I need red paper.

A.a B.one C.many D.a piece of

( )19.-I think people won’t use money. Everything will be free. A.I agree B.I don’t C.I will D.I won’t

( )20. Five years ago,Li Mei soccer,but today she soccer.She basketball in five years. A.played, doesn’t play, will play B.played, didn’t play, will play C.plays, won’t play, will play D.played, doesn’t play, plays 二、完形填空(共10小题,满分为10分)

Robots seem new to most people, but they have a long one was made by a and cleverer than people. In real life, most robots are used in factories. They are used to do many dangerous, difficult or boring 3 . Some people can’t look after and robots can help them. For example, some people can’t see, and they use dogs themselves move around. This kind of dog is called a guide dog (导盲犬). But not scientists are making robots help them. In the future, robot dogs take the place of (代替) these guide dogs. Today robots are used in American hospitals. In the hospital, a robot meals from the kitchen to the sick people’s rooms. It never lost its way because it has a of the hospital in its computer system(系统). Robots can help us in a lot of different ways. However, they take the place of humans.

( )1.A. First B. Second C. The first D. The one ( )2.A. fast B. more fast C. faster D. more faster ( )3.A. jobs B. work C. exercise D. job ( )4.A. them B. themselves C. theirs D. their 1

( )5.A. helps B. to help C. helping D. help ( )6.A. can’t B. may be C. may D. must ( )7.A. also B. too C. not D. seldom ( )8.A. takes B. puts C. gets D. walks ( )9.A. paper B. map C. sign D. book

( )10.A. will never B. never will C. are never D. never are 三、阅读理解 (共20分,每小题2分)


One day Mr. Brown sees a young woman in the street with children. He is very surprised because all the children are wearing the same clothes. White caps, blue coats and yellow trousers. “Are all these children yours?” he asks the woman. “Yes, they are.” she answers.

“Do you always dress them in the same clothes ?” asks Mr. Brown.

“Yes, ” answers the mother. “When we have four children, we dress them in the same clothes because we don’t want to lose any of them. It is easy to see our children among other children because they are all wearing the same clothes. And now we have ten, we dress them like this because we don't want to take other children home by mistake. When there are other children among ours, it is easy to see them because their clothes are different.

( )1. How many people does Mr. Brown see in the street one day? He sees ____in all. A. ten B. eleven C. four D. ten children ( )2.Why is he surprised? Because ________ . A. all the children are boys

B. all the children are in the same clothes C. all the children are lovely

D. all the children are wearing the same trousers

( )3.Why does the woman dress her children in the same clothes?Because_______________. A. she has so many children B. she loves her children

C. she doesn't want to take her children home

D. she wants to see her children easily among others

( )4. What kinds of clothes are the children wearing when Mr. Brown sees them?


A. White caps, blue coats and yellow trousers. B. Blue caps, yellow coats and white trorsers. C. Yellow caps, white coats and blue trousers. D. White caps, yellow coats and blue trousers.

( ) 5. “We don't want to take other children home by mistake.”这句话的汉语 意思是:



Many children love junk food. It’s bad for their health.Their parents don’t want them to eat too much junk food. Although they know it’s not good habit,they still eat it.Some of them eat this kind of food every day.Some only once or twice a week. Paul is kind of unhealthy.He hardly ever exercises.He eats lots of junk food because he loves it.When he has money,he’ll buy junk food.His parents worry about him.But he says,“Maybe I’m not very healthy,but I enjoy myself.” ( )6.Few children love junk food.

( )7.Many parents want their children to eat junk food. ( )8.Children know it’s a bad habit to eat junk food. ( )9.Paul is very healthy.

( )10.Paul often borrows money to buy junk food. 四、词汇考查(共10小题,满分为10分)

根据句意,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分) 1. She was surprised by all the ____ (pollute) on the beach. 2. There will be more tall ____(build) in our city next year. 3. His brother wants to be a ____(science) when he grows up 4.There are a lot of computer ____(company) in our city. 5.Don’t worry. I can finish my work by ____(I). 根据句意及首字母,用适当的词填空。 (5分)

6.—Does the old man live with anybody? --No, he lives a________. 7.my father k_____ a dog as a pet last years.

8.It was an u___________ trip. We didn’t have any fun.

9.It may not seem possible now, but who knows what will h_______ in the future. 10.Don’t worry about me, Mum. I’m old enough to look after m_______.

五、完成句子(共10小题,满分为10分)根据汉语完成句子,每空一词。 1.我奶奶希望自己能活到100岁。

My grandma hopes she can ____ ____ ____100 years old. 2.从现在起五年之内,你打算做什么? What are you going to do ____ ____ ____now? 3.我不喜欢一个人住。 I don’t like ____ ____. 4.他的梦想去年已实现了。 His dream ____ ____ last year. 5.机器人永远不会觉得乏味。 Robots will ____ ____ ____.

六、按要求转换句型: 满分为10分)

1. There will be a meeting tomorrow. (改为一般疑问句并做出否定回答)

—_________ _________ be a meeting tomorrow? —No, _________ _________.

2. The child will take the bus to school. (改为否定句) The child _________ _________ the bus to school. 3. I will take a rocket to the Mars.(改为一般过去时) I_____ a rocket to the Mars. 4.Will you go home?(作否定回答) NO,I _________.

5.It is so interesting a book(改为同义句) It is_________ _________ interesting book

七、补全对话(共5小题,满分为10分)选择恰当的句子完成对话。 A: Hello, Gina. B: Hello, David A: (1)________

B: The future? Well, we’ll study at home on computers. (2)______ A: You think so? What else will we do? B: (3)______

A: Vacations? Where will we go?

B: (4)______A: The moon? (5)______

B: Because that’s much more interesting on the moon! a. We don’t have to go to school.

b. Why don’t we take vacations on the earth? c. We’ll take long vacations.

d. What are your predications about the future? e. To the moon!

八. 书面表达。(10分) 写作要求:


———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 附加题:

I. 任务型阅读(满分为10分)

What is the sky? ① The sky is a space where there is nothing except the sun, the earth, the moon and all the stars. Scientists can look at them through


telescopes(望远镜) and, in this way, they can find out a great deal(许多,大量). They know many facts about the moon. For example, they know how big and how far away it is. ②But a rocket can. “How can a rocket fly?” If you want to know, get a balloon and then blow it up, until it is quite big. Do not tie up the neck of the balloon, let it go! The balloon will fly off through the air very quickly. The air inside the balloon tries to get out through the neck of it, which pushes(推动)the balloon through the air. It does not need wings(翅膀)like a plane. ③___________________ Of course, the rocket is made of(由??制成) metal(金属). The metal must not be heavy but it must be very strong. There is a gas(气体) inside the rocket which is made very hot. When it rushes out of the rocket, the rocket is pushed up into the air




A. This is what a rocket look like

B. This is how a rocket works

C. This is why a rocket looks like a plane


4. In space there is only the sun, the earth and the moon

5. The rocket can fly to the moon because it carries a gas inside it to push itself.

II. 改错(5分)


( A B C D

( )2. He’ A B C D

( A B C D

( A B C D

( A B C D


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