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( )1..I________ he________ go there by himself.

A. think;won’t B. don’t think;will C. don’t think;is

D .think;isn’t going to

( )2.The teacher told us the moon________ around the earth.

A. went B. goes C. going D. move ( )3. He told me that they________ a match yesterday. A. will have

B. have

C. had

D. are having

( )4. Do you think________ an English film tomorrow night?

A. is there

B. there is going to be C. there is going to have D.will there be

( )5. The police asked the little boy _____.

A. where did he live B. where does he live C. where he lived D. where he lives ( )6.She asked she could copy my homework.

A. if B. what C. who D. whose ( )7.I asked her how going to become a computer programmer.

A. were you B. you were C. are you D. you are ( )8. Lisa was supposed her homework before nine o'clock. But she couldn't.

A. to finish B. to finishing C. finish D. finishing

( )9. Lana said that she wasn't mad _________ Marcia anymore.

A. to B. at C. for D. on

( )10. I'm the newspaper reporter interviewed me.

A. surprising B. surprise C. surprised D. surprises ( )11. I am always _________ to speak in the front of the classroom.

A. disappointing B. scared C. surprised D. nervous

( )12. Do you think it is difficult _________? A. study English well B. studies English well C. studying English well D. to study English well ( )13. She told us things there were ________ better than before. A. more B. much C. very D. nice

( )14. I don't think it's good to copy other's homework. You should _________ it.

A. get over B. get on C. get up D. get off

( )15. Could you ________ me how to ________ it in Chinese?

A. say; speak B. speak; say C. tell; say D. say; tell ( )16. What happened ________ “Young Lives” last night? A. on B. in C. to D. of

( )17. I finished my ________ exam last week.

A. end of year B. end of year’s C. end-of year’s D. end-of-year ( )18. TV and computers can _________ our eyes to the outside world.

A. start with B. open up C. turn up D. take up

( )19. I hope you are ______ good health.

A. in B. on C. with D. for

( )20.The Greens _______watching TV when I got there.

A. was B. were C. is D .are

( )21.Remember ______your sister to come here on time.

A. ask B. asking C .to ask D asks

( )22 She’s _____at swimming, but she want to do _______in it. A. good ; well B. well ; better C. good; better D .better; better ( )23.Could you tell me_______ this time yesterday?

A. what were you doing B. what you were doing C. where you are doing D. where you were doing

( )24. The teacher told me _____late again.

A. not to B. not to be C. not be D .not be to

( ) 25. Tom’s jacket is black. _______ is blue.

A. I B. My C. Me D. Mine

( ) 26. David’s friends don’t want to _______ any money to him, because he never returns anything

he _______ from them.

A. lend, lends B. lend, borrows C. borrow, lends D. borrow, borrows ( ) 27. I have two brothers. One is an engineer and is a teacher.

A. another B. the other C. another one D. the others ( ) 28. --Look, the girl is falling off his bike. A. Luck B. Lucky C. Unlucky D. Luckily

( ) 29. Sorry, I forgot ___ the book to school.

A. bringing B. to bring C. to take D. taking

( ) 30.Read the paper and pass it on ______ the other students.

A. for B. to C. at D. off

II.完形填空。 Dear Dr Know,

I’m not happy. I have too rules(规则

at 6:00 every morning. I can’t my friends after school, I have to my dog for a walk. I can’t watch TV on school nights. And I have to in bed by ten o’clock. weekends, I have to clean my room and wash my clothes. Then I have to help my mother dinner. Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace the piano. I never have any fun. can I do? 1

( )31. A. many B. much ( )32. A. go to bed B. get up ( )33. A. watch B. look ( )34. A. so B. then ( )35. A. bring B. take ( )36. A. be B. is ( )37. A. In B. On ( )38. A. make B. making ( )39. A. learn B. to learn ( )40. A. Why B. Which 五、阅读理解(20分)

C. a few D. a little C. go home D. set up C. see D. meet C. because D. after C. carry D. send C. am D. are C. At D. By C. do D. doing C. learning D. learnt C. How D. What


Dear Tom,

I have a day off today. Now let me tell you something about Beijing. In our country people drive cars on the left side of the road, but here in Beijing, on the right side. Many people of London go to work by car, while most people of Beijing go to work by bike. The weather of Beijing is better than ours. It's fine for long here, but we have so many cloudy days in London.Students here work hard at their lessons and a lot of people can speak English. It's a pity that students in our country don't work hard and few people know Chinese. That's all for today. Please write to me soon.

Your ever, Peter 根据短文内容判断句子正误,正确的在题前括号内写“T”,错误的写“F”。 ( )41.This letter is from an English boy to his friend Tom. ( )42. Peter is a farmer, not a student.

( )43.Tom may be a middle school student in London. ( )44.In England cars go along the road on the right side.

( )45.Peter thinks the Chinese students work harder than English students.


Mr Brown moved to another town, and he needed a new doctor. So he went to see one. He sat down in the waiting room and looked around. The doctor’s degrees(学位证书)were on the wall. Suddenly Mr. Brown remembered: there was a classmate with the same name in his class at school and he became a doctor.

As he went in to see the doctor, he remembered a young, handsome student, and was sad to see how old and heavy (迟钝的)and grey this man looked. He said to him,“Good morning, doctor.Did you go to King High School?”

“Yes, I did.” The doctor answered.

“Were you there from 1952 to 1956?” Mr Brown asked. “Yes, I was,” the doctor answered,“How did you know?” Mr Brown laughed and said ,“We were in the same class.” ( )46. Mr. Brown ___,so he needed a new doctor.

1 2

A. visited a town B. went to live another town

C. went away from a town D. arrived in a town

( )47 .Mr Brown saw the doctor’s degrees ____.

A. on the wall of the doctor’s office B. on the doctor’s desk

C. on the wall of the waiting room D. on the desk in the waiting room ( )48.Mr Brown suddenly found the doctor’s name was the same as one of

his ___.

A .classmates B. students C. neighbours D. workmates ( ) 49.When Mr Brown met the doctor,he askes if he once ____.

A. visited King High School B studied in King High School C. taught in King High School D. worked in King High School ( )50. Who were in King High School from 1952 to 1956?

A. Only the doctor B. Only Mr. Brown C. Both Mr. Brown and the doctor D. No one


Mark Twain was famous (著名)in his day as a public (公众的)speaker. In his public speeches (演说)he always liked to tell funny stories. He also liked to listen to funny stories and play jokes on his friends.

One day one of his friends lost his wallet (钱包)and asked Mark Twain to pay his train fare (车费)for him.

“But I don’t have enough money to pay both your fare and mine, ”Mark Twain said. The friend didn’t know what to do.

“We can do this, ”said Mark Twain. “We can get on the train and when the conductor comes to check the tickets(验票),you can hide under my seat. ”

Later, however, when the conductor came to check the tickets, Mark Twain gave him two tickets-one for his friend and one for himself . Then he explained in a loud voice. “My friend here is a strange(奇怪的)man. When he travels on a train, he doesn’t like to sit on the seat. He prefers (宁愿)to lie on the floor under the seat. ”Of course everybody in the train looked at the poor friend and laughed at him loudly.

( )51. The friend asked Mark Twain to buy a ticket for him because ______. A. he was too poor to buy one B. his wallet was lost

C. his money was little D. Mark Twain had a lot of money ( )52. Mark Twain told him he couldn’t buy him a ticket because ______. A. he didn’t have enough money B. he wanted to play a joke on him C. he wanted to save some money D. he didn’t find his wallet, either ( ) 53. When the conductor came to check the tickets, the friend was ________. A. lying under the seat B. sitting on the seat C. lying on the seat D. standing nearby ( ) 54. Mark Twain spoke in a loud voice because ______.

A. the conductor was standing far away B. his friend was deaf (聋)

C. he enjoyed doing so

D. he wanted all the people here to know there was a man under the seat ( ) 55. Which of the following sentences is not true?

A. The friend didn’t know Mark Twain had bought a ticket for him.

B. Mark Twain not only liked to tell funny stories but also liked to listen to funny stories. C. Both Mark Twain and his friend got on the train without a ticket. D. Mark Twain bought two tickets before they got on the train.


William will never forget the day when a dog attacked him. He was barely three years old then. he has a 2-cm scar(伤疤)to remind him of his terrible experience.

It happened when little William was playing with his two brothers along the corridor(走廊)just outside their flat. Suddenly, a dog came out from the lift and charged at him. Before his brothers could do anything, the dog bite(咬) William’s leg. William’s mother dashed out of(冲出) their flat when she heard him wailing(号哭). The dog ran away when William’s mother appeared. She carried William and rushed him to a hospital nearby. The doctor had to stitch up the wound.

In the evening, a man came to their house. he identified himself as the owner of the dog and apologized for his carelessness. He had forgotten to put the dog on a leash(皮带)so it ran out of the house and went into the lift.


56. How old was William when the accident happened?

____________________________________________________________________ 57. What was William doing when the dog attacked him?

____________________________________________________________________ 58. Why did William’s mother dash out of their flat?

____________________________________________________________________ 59. Where is William’s scar?

___________________________________________________________________ 60. In what way was the owner of the dog careless(粗心)?


61.Tom does well in Chinese, however Lucy does Chinese_________(good)than Tom.

62.Lily isn’t good at maths, in the end-of-year exam she did__________(bad) of all the students. 63.When I heard the _________news, how_________ I am!(disappoint)

64.We are_________(luck) enough to have bought the last tickets for the World Cup. 65. I hope everyone is in good __________. (healthy)

66. While the girl __________ (shop),she saw a car accident 67.What __________(happen) to you last night?

68. The man hit a car, but __________(luck), he is OK.

69.. He didn’t think about __________(look) outside the station.

1 3

七.补全对话,每空一词。(10分) A: Can I c___70__ your homework?

B: I’m afraid not. But why do you w___71___ to copy my homework? A: I have f___72_____ to do m___73____.

B: I don’t think it is a good i___74___ for you to copy my homework. A: Why do you think so?

B: Because it will s___75___ a bad h____76___. You should do your o__77___ work. A: Are you my best friend?

B: Yes, I am. Because I’m your best friends, I should help you get ___78___ it. I’m sure it is

m____79___ better if you do your own work.

70. 四. 句型转换。(10分)

80. Mary is good at music. (同义句)

Mary music. 81. He is very healthy. (同义句)

He is .. 82. My teacher was very angry with me. (同义句)

My teacher was very me.

83. Lucy is busy. She can't go to your party this evening.(合并为一句) Lucy is busy go to your party this evening. 七、书面表达。(共10分)

请按照所给的成绩报告单完成下面的这封信。开头已给出:(注意时态和语法) Name: Jack,Class: Class 2, Grade 1 Math: hard-working

English: good at speaking History: can do better Chinese: so-so

Science: lazy student

Geography: do well in writing

Dear parents,

I got my report card yesterday. I did OK in some subjects. My math teacher said







One of the most well-known directors of our time is Stephen Spielberg. He was born in Cincinnati on 18 December 1946. His father was an electric engineer and his mother was a performing pianist. His sister, Anne Spielberg, became a screenwriter who wrote the stories for many famous films.

Stephen had always wanted to be a director ever since he was a young boy. When he was just 13 years old, he made a 40-minute film. It won a local competition. Three years later, he produced a film called Firelight, which made one hundred dollars’ profit at the cinema in his hometown. Many of the ideas from this film were later used for one of his most famous films called Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

When he was 18 years old, he wanted to go to film school so that he could improve his skills and become an even better director. Unluckily, he was unsuccessful in getting a place at this school so he went to a university in California to study English. Even though he had failed to get into the school he wanted to go to, he didn’t let this stop him following his dream to become a great director.

Stephen Spielberg has directed many films since his first major film in 1976. He now owns many different businesses, most of which are involved in the film industry.


1 4

They were in 1__________ same class of a middle school. They studied hard. They were

3______________ themselves. Their homework was given the day before. SHULA was clever. He had done his homework earlier. But ZHOYA hadn’t yet. The next afternoon she went on doing hers.

SHULA thought his sister maybe couldn’t finish some of the exercises. So he put his exercise-book with answers on his sister’s desk before ZHOYA came in the classroom, and went out quietly to play. A few minutes later, ZHOYA came in and saw her brother’s exercise-book on her desk. But she had never looked at it all. She sat on her seat, thinking and thinking. Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour had . An hour and a half , she worked out all problem at last and handed it in on time that afternoon. How happy she was!

“Why not copy my key down in , sister?” asked SHULA with a smile. “No, I didn’t. I must use my head and try my ____________ to all by myself. I’m sure, I can a way. I don’t like to be lazy in homework,” answered ZHOYA. 1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________

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