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1. Daming’s mother gave a book. It’s about _________________(太空旅行).

2. He _________(度过)about 21 hours in space.

3. A ______(男人)is wearing ______(帽子)and a _______(雨衣).

4. The ______(苹果)are falling down the _______(楼梯)

5. I will _______(学习)hard at ______________(中学)

6. I make lots of __________(错误)with English.

答案:1. space travel 2, spent 3, man, hat, raincoat 4, apples, staris 5, study, middle school 6, mistakes


1. We are _____ the supermarket now. A. at B. under C. on

2. He is eating dinner, _____ then the telephone rings. A. and B. but

C. or

3. My friend ______ a birthday present for me last Sunday. A. buy B. buys C. bought

4. I _____ in the sky now. A. is flying B. am flying C. flew

5. What are you going to ____ this evening? A. do B. did C. does

6. Will you _____ me? A. help B. helped C. helps

7. Have you _____ the English books. A. get B. got C. gets

8. When I was a baby, I _____ walk. A. can’t B. couldn’t C. can

9. She ____ to Beijing this summer. A. goes B. is going C. is went

10. What do you want to ___? A. eat B. ate C. eating

答案:1—5 ABCBA 6—10 ABBBA


1. A. fall B. carry C. hold D. party

2. A. heavy B. wet C. enjoy D. funny

3. A. teacher B. waitress C. driver D work

4. A. buys B. plays C. claps D. oranges

5. A. raining B. going C. playing D. having

答案:1—5 DCDDD


1. Who gave it to you? A. By car.

2. How can we go to the Stonehenge? B. At seven o’clock.

3. When do you go to school? C. My teacher gave it to me.

4. What are you going to learn? D. I’m going to learn English.

5. Where are the ducks? E. It’s nine o’clock now.

6. What’s the time now? F. I’m fine, thank you.

7. How are you? G. They are behind the people.

8. Can you fly a kite? H, Yes, I will.

9. Who is his dad? I. Sorry, I can’t

10. Will you make a cake? J. He’s very famous. He’s Yang Liwei. 1

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